Case Study – Web App Helps Clients Track Valuable Assets

Today’s enterprises have numerous assets to organize and manage. From employees and furniture to technological endpoints and the buildings that house these items, business decision-makers must track of their investments at, all must track. Unfortunately, managing these holdings, as well as the space they occupy, is typically easier said than done.

This is where Robert Stephen Consulting, LLC comes in. With their advanced integrated workplace management system (IWMS) web app, clients can index everything from oice seating arrangements to leased space and other critical corporate investments. The RSC IWMS web app is supported by Ntirety—enabling executives to focus on core business needs, while Ntirety’s expert staff handles day-to-day operational tasks, ensuring continuous top-notch functionality of the backend. As a result, RSC is able to provide the very best service for its clients.

Underpinning the high level of service delivered by RSC is the Ntirety Virtual Private Cloud, powered by Windows Azure Pack. RSC leverages this platform not only for their client-facing application interface, but also for their own internal processes.


RSC created several virtual environments within the Ntirety Virtual Private Cloud in order to support key areas of their business:

  1. Hosting client instances of the RSC IWMS platform, allowing clients to access data and information about their company’s physical assets and building space.
  2. Running development processes, including the creation and promotion of application updates and new capabilities.
  3. Internal administrative activity, including RSC-specific development work.
  4. Marketing purposes, including hosting generic versions of the IWMS application for demonstrations.

Prior to utilizing the Ntirety Virtual Private Cloud, RSC ran virtual machines (VMs) on dedicated managed servers. Unfortunately, this approach did not deliver the flexibility and redundancy required, spurring the decision to upgrade the infrastructure and migrate workloads to the Virtual Private Cloud.

Transitioning To Enable Faster Service

Leveraging Virtual Private Cloud is not just advantageous for RSC. It benefits their clients’ use of the IWMS technology as RSC is able to reduce deployment time and enable more efficient user access.

In the past, RSC clients had to deploy a physical appliance at their location in order to establish the workplace management system, with the end-to-end deployment process taking more than 24 hours.

Now, with Virtual Private Cloud, RSC staff can create specific templates for client installations, enabling them to get the application up and running within the customer’s infrastructure with a unique IP address and URL in a fraction of the time. This level of speed and service keeps RSC at the forefront of the IWMS marketplace.

“We’re very fast and nimble,” Stephen said. “We respond very, very quickly—and in the high-tech industry, that’s necessary. We can’t do a three-month implementation, it has to be around six weeks or less.”


In order to support the customer-facing elements of the web application, backend processes and other business requirements, RSC runs a robust configuration of the Ntirety Virtual Private Cloud – that includes N+1 redundant compute clusters supported by 10TB storage. As shown in the architecture diagram, the RSC configuration also incorporates Ntirety Managed Backup powered by Veeam, ensuring the VM’s are backed up on a regular basis.


Working with Ntirety has given RSC the time and peace of mind to be able to focus their resources on supporting clients and building the business—the things that matter most.

“I don’t go buy [network appliances], make sure the network is correctly configured with a firewall and VPN access. That’s not my core competency,” Stephen explained. “So to have those types of things taken care of for just a few dollars a month is of great value to me. I can focus on what I do well. It’s just a really good symbiotic relationship.”