Law Enforcement Policy

Last updated March 3, 2022
Ntirety, Inc. (“Ntirety”) is a webhosting service provider, and, as such, we do not own or control the data, content, software, or applications that may be hosted on our Systems.

Law enforcement agencies who seek information about Clients, End Users, third parties and/or their use of the Services are required to submit a valid subpoena, warrant, court order, demand or other similar document from a recognized authority of competent jurisdiction. As provided by law, Ntirety may seek reimbursement for actual costs incurred in responding to such law enforcement request if the work required to produce such response is out of the ordinary scope of our business or unduly burdensome.

Civil demands for information, such as discovery requests and similar demands, must be part of a filed and pending litigation matter and authorized or issued from a court of competent jurisdiction. Responses to civil demands will be at Ntirety’s discretion. Responses to civil demands are subject to a response fee of $275 per hour. We do not honor requests from civil litigants to limit or to pre-approve response expenses. Civil litigants are encouraged to contact us prior to serving civil demands in order to minimize their expense.

Address for Subpoenas and Civil Demands:

Ntirety, Inc.
Attention: Legal Department
2901 Via Fortuna, Suite 175
Austin, Texas 78746