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Ntirety’s team of experienced database experts, can work with you on an array of consulting services to stabilize, optimize and maximize your database and cloud environments. Depending on your need, we can work with you for just a few short hours, on longer projects, or even on an on-demand basis. Engagements can include Assessments, Database Refreshes, Troubleshooting, Cloud Migration, Disaster Recovery and more.

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Ntirety Data Consulting Services

Database Consolidation Services 

As companies grow, their database requirements increase in line with that growth. But it gets to a point where database sprawl starts to negatively impact to your bottom line. The Ntirety Database Consolidation Service helps you reduce the cost and sprawl of your database environment, reducing Total Cost of Ownership by 20% or more. This service scopes, architects and implements the consolidation of all your physical and virtual databases and applications into an efficient environment.

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Database Performance Tuning

Performance issues can affect your entire environment, from your virtualized databases and applications, to the physical infrastructure. Ntirety’s Database Performance Tuning Service provides an in-depth analysis of your environment, highlighting the performance metrics inside each database. By meditating on the performance metrics throughout your environment, Ntirety can pinpoint the areas that require attention, and return them to their optimal operational condition.

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High Availability Database Architecture & Implementation

It is more important than ever that the mission-critical databases and applications that support your organization are helping you meet business objectives and SLAs. Ntirety’s High Availability Database Architecture & Implementation Service guides you in developing a unique database architecture built around your organization’s particular Service Level Agreements and other business requirements, giving you back control over your databases.

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Database & Application Compliance Audit

Ntirety’s customized examination and analysis of your database and application activities delivers in-depth introspection of your systems including the audit of schema changes, as well as access and security as measured against your company’s established risk and compliance requirements. This audit enables your database management resources to comply not just with internal standards, but with industry and government standards as well.

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Database Migration Services

Database platforms age and become obsolete, leading to more and more reliance on outdated, limited feature sets which cannot help a business meet its objectives. Ntirety offers data and cloud migration services to help you upgrade your entire environment. Database migration services include upgrades and improvements to hardware, operating systems, database management systems, database version changes and application changes. Our cloud migration service offering includes synchronization, monitoring, testing and cutover.

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Business Intelligence Consulting

With database environments and data volumes exploding in size, it seems almost impossible to get a full, holistic view of your data. Ntirety’s Business Intelligence Consulting Services are built on a Decision Support System (DSS) that identifies and organizes KPIs into a framework, determining where data sources reside, whether they are internal or external, structured or unstructured. So you can take advantage of all data sources, corralling even Big Data so your organization can move forward wisely.

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Data Transformation Services (ETL/SSIS)

Only when all of a company’s data can be compiled can it effectively take advantage of the benefits of Business Intelligence. Ntirety’s Data Transformation Services are Extract, Transform, Load and SQL Server Integration Services that allow you to compile all the data from across your organization, no matter where it resides. This helps you locate, extract and standardize all of your company’s data, allowing you to take the first critical steps in developing an effective business intelligence program.

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SQL Server Best Practices

Database best practices put you on the path to true insight, and are the best guarantee that your environment will perform at its peak, but lack of maintenance and updating can seriously impact your database operations. Our in-depth examination of your databases will identify areas where best
practices are not being followed, and identify the opportunities where they can be implemented. The focus of this service is on targeting the areas where best practices will impact performance, security and data integrity.

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Database and Application Emergency Services

Poor performance, non-functioning databases, corrupt databases and broken SQL Server processes are just some of the potentially harmful challenges that your database environment could face. Our Database and Application Emergency Services help you make quick decisions and fixes to possibly disastrous database issues. We provide short-term, rapid identification and remediation of performance, database and process issues that are affecting your organization’s ability to operate effectively and efficiently.

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Compliance Risk Assessment

The Ntirety Compliance Risk Assessment provides clarity into your current compliance posture. Our experts assess the existing environments for gaps in systems and processes, then assemble strategies to mitigate risk and assist in achieving compliance.

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Why Choose Ntirety Data Consulting Services


Database Expertise

Ntirety knows having dedicated DBAs to deploy and maintain Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL servers is out of reach for many companies. Which is why we offer database support customized to the specific business, technical and budgetary needs of our clients.

Industry-Leading Expertise

Ntirety brings a unique set of industry expertise to cloud database projects, including best practice methodologies and templates, and our team has worked with customers across a multitude of industries.

Best Practices

Ntirety’s management and support teams bring knowledge, vast experience, and a track record of continued success — all of which have culminated in the development of well-defined, industry best practices, which they bring to every project.

Project Management

Ntirety has developed a distinct methodology to effectively manage milestones and deliverables and ensure project quality and timeliness.

Choose from a Variety of Database Experts

Depending on your needs, Ntirety can provide your organization with database experts who can work with you for a few short hours or for an extended period of time

  • DB maintenance
  • DB performance tuning & troubleshooting
  • DB stabilization
  • Application performance tuning
  • Database environment assessments
  • Business intelligence
  • Data warehouse/data mart design
  • DB migrations and upgrades
  • DB consolidation/virtualization
  • Security and encryption
  • Custom job implementations
  • DR/HA review and architecture
  • Custom auditing set up & configuration
  • ETL services
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) Services
  • Dedicated Resource(s)
  •  SQL Server® Integration Services (SSIS)/SQL
  • Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Transition services