Driving better business outcomes

Guidance Level Agreements™ (GLAs) from Ntirety

SLAs outline the routine services expected from providers, but they don’t offer much else. For companies dedicated to pushing business further, Ntirety’s Guidance Level Agreements (GLAs) guarantee better business outcomes for availability, performance, security, and cost to offer a continuous improvement cycle with actionable recommendations delivered quarterly.


Why are Ntirety GLAs important?

Guidance Level Agreements set desired business outcomes in four common areas of concern: Availability, performance, security, and cost—areas of focus that are usually deprioritized until an outage, poor performance, security breach, or out of control costs shines an unwelcome spotlight on your weaknesses.

On a consistent basis, you’ll receive actionable recommendations based on data gathered via Ntirety Monitoring Insights and Cloud Operations. Through this optimization, our experts deliver tangible improvements to your solutions and better ensure success. As the only managed cloud services provider offering GLAs, Ntirety offers you both a technical and business advantage over your competitors by delivering insights that enable IT to shift from tactical operations to business transformation.

Explore the Benefits of Ntirety GLAs


Holistic Insights

Receive three actionable recommendations to achieve desired business outcomes, covering availability, performance, security, cost.

Timely Recommendations

GLA recommendations are delivered during your quarterly business insights reviews or as prescribed in your SOW.

High Availability

GLAs come with a 100% application availability guarantee and the industry's only Critical Availability of Service Guarantee.

Guaranteed Results

The Ntirety team will commit to a defined, measurable level of quality, availability, or responsiveness, so your organization experiences consistent and iterative improvement and optimization over time, plus the assurance of stability and security.