Managed Security Patching

Close Gaps Before Trouble Enters

As part of our Comprehensive Compliant Security Solution, Ntirety’s Managed Security Patching provides automated patch management for multiple operating systems, applications, and computers regardless of location.

Now you can rest easy knowing you’re always current, protected, and compliant — while alleviating the burden on your IT team.

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Reduce Risk with Timely Vulnerability Remediation

Let our experts reduce risk from the endpoint all the way to your core. Our patching services are a preventative, proactive measure to protect against operating system exposures and vulnerabilities that are increasingly exploited by cybercriminals. Ensure your systems have the latest security, functionality, and features at scale to keep your team productive and your business protected.

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Ntirety Workstation Patching

Ntirety Workstation Patching delivers critical, timely endpoint protection against vulnerabilities no matter where teams work. When Microsoft and Apple release new OS patches, Ntirety validates, automates, and tracks computer patches on your behalf. Ntirety’s Workstation Patching accelerates patch and remediation actions—such as bug fixes and security flaw correction—and is also used to meet compliance standards. When combined with Ntirety’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR), you gain comprehensive visibility and control over distributed endpoints.


of organizations experienced one or more endpoint attacks that successfully compromised data and/or their IT infrastructure.1


of cyberattack victims say their breach could have been prevented if they had installed an available patch.2


  • Mitigates security and compliance risk from connected workstations (PC, laptops, etc.)
  • Automates patch testing, distribution, and reporting
  • Meets compliance requirements through patch management and reporting
  • Scales easily as needs evolve
  • Supports system uptime and productivity
  • Simple setup and deployment across all workstations from a single source


  • Monthly releases plus critical patches as needed
  • Patch alerting for end users
  • Monthly reports (systems patched, failures, retries, & more)
  • Pricing to fit any business
  • No VPN needed; deployment via internet connection
  • Patch testing and validation
  • End user remote desktop for patching support
  • Support for current versions of Windows and MacOS
  • Protects MacOS and Windows Desktop and Laptops
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Ntirety Server Patching

Ntirety’s Server Patching keeps servers up-to-date, stable, and safe from malware and evolving threats. We offer flexible solutions to get automated patch updates to hundreds of thousands of endpoints for multiple operating systems and applications –regardless of location, connection type or status.


  • Remain up to date and on all your OS patches for a superior security and compliance posture
  • Reduce security risk by streamlining remediation cycles and patch cycle times from days/weeks to hours/ minutes with automated patch management
  • Rely on professional 24/7 monitoring from Ntirety engineers
  • Control your patching schedules and which patches to apply or decline (with Select Patching)
  • Choose the service level that fits your exact needs
  • Maintain full control and visibility into patch compliance with real-time monitoring and reporting from a single management console

Supported Operating Systems

  • Cent/RHEL (6,7,8) , Windows (08, 08R2, 12, 12R2, 16, 19, 22), Ubuntu 20.04, Amazon Linux 2

Why Ntirety?

Workstation Patching is just a fraction of the value Ntirety delivers as the leading IT security provider and only company that embeds compliant security throughout your entire IT stack. Lean on our 20+ years of expertise and comprehensive solutions to stay one step ahead of today’s threats.