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60% of CIOs agree the cloud is critical to their business’s future.*

If moving part or all of your IT operations into the cloud is a new initiative, you’re in good company. More and more organizations of all sizes are enjoying cost and time savings, as well as greater flexibility, by moving away from traditional on-prem infrastructures.   

Migration to cloud can achieve much more than just improving hardware expenditures. Moving to a managed cloud infrastructure frees up your IT staff to focus on forward-looking tasks, such as troubleshooting and root cause analysis rather than day-to-day maintenance. Plus, the expansion of artificial intelligence, on-demand video streaming, and IoT devices is necessitating the infrastructure flexibility that only cloud can provide. 

Ntirety is ready to not only to help you define your new cloud strategy, but also provide the right level of management you need to help keep your IT staff focused on business-building initiatives.

* Source: Datica, 2018



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“A lot of businesses underestimate how a solid infrastructure can boost their growth potential, but PlayPower’s successful transition is proof that when you give your business teams a great IT solution, they can work faster and achieve revenue goals more quickly.”

Alfred Sobrinho

Vice President of Information Technology, PlayPower, Inc.


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