Providing scalable, flexible, cost-effective private cloud services 

Managed VMware®


Delivering control and flexibility

Ntirety’s VMware environment makes resource management fast and easy, delivering a familiar toolset and API for the control and flexibility needed to support a broad range of applications and workloads. 

Why Choose Ntirety to Manage Your VMware® Environment?


Industry-Leading Expertise

With over 20 years of experience, Ntirety’s team of experts set the bar for performance, security, and service. 

Tailored Guidance

Ntirety cloud experts seamlessly integrate cloud applications, VMware private clouds, VMware on AWS, public clouds, and hybrid environments, ensuring that your infrastructure meets your current and future needs.

Cloud Lifecycle Management

Ntirety cloud solution experts work with organizations to anticipate their subsequent business needs through future-focused architectural planning, implementation, migration, operation, and optimization processes.

Security and Support

Top-level monitoring and maintenance by the Ntirety operations team, plus 24x7x365 expert support.

Guidance Level Agreements™

Ntirety takes the usual SLA a huge leap forward with the industry's first Guidance Level Agreements, offering actionable recommendations that bring your organization closer to reaching its business goals.

Better Monitoring

Real-time operational data via the Ntirety Customer Portal™ to drive enhanced decision-making.

Built with Compliance in Mind

With HITRUST-certified and PCI-compliant processes, following regulatory standards is at the forefront of every Ntirety solution.

Cost Optimization

AWS billing can be complicated and unpredictable. Ntirety provides dashboards with reporting and notifications set to custom thresholds, all while providing guidance around where you can cost-effective optimizations.

VMware Capabilities

  • New cloud application development
  • Development and test environments
  • Application transformation and migration
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) and High Availability (HA) architecture
  • Compliant cloud hosting

Ideal Use Cases

VMware solutions from Ntirety can be configured to support a broad range of business and IT requirements, including:

Highly Compliant Environments

  • Agile:  Easily manage isolated network groups, spin up and down VM’s, support DevOps mandate.
  • Consistent:  Dev & Test on same platform as Production.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Back-End Systems

  • High Performance: Power to support massive concurrent user volume.
  • Investment Protection: Architecture designed to grow with user-base.
  • Database Performance: Dedicated infrastructure and storage optimizations for high IOP databases.

IT Departments

  • Central Management: Central IT creates environment and maintains control over resource pool.
  • Local Control: Each business unit can access/control their own network group, empowered to run their own environments.


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