Campus Card Solution Provider Atrium Engages with AWS and Ntirety to Ensure Application Performance, High Availability, and PCI Compliance


Atrium Campus, LLC (Atrium) is a cloud-based campus transaction card management solution headquartered in Boston, MA. Atrium offers a modern campus card system with a mobile-first experience, providing students with a variety of features such as mobile credentials, facility access, meal plan and retail purchasing, online account management, billing, and more. Atrium works with over 120 partners to offer university and other campus clients a versatile, best-of-breed solution.

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Atrium provides its solution to numerous higher education, corporate, and senior living campuses that rely on the availability of the Atrium mobile card application to access essential facilities, purchase meals, and much more. Since the mobile app is paramount to both users and their business, Atrium’s small IT team of developers believed it would be best to place the day-to-day operations of their infrastructure in the hands of experts so they could focus on the development and support of their user application. Atrium was also experiencing rapid growth of its client base and needed to migrate its solution from a private cloud environment into Amazon Web Services (AWS), which would help it scale and meet the availability, performance, and business continuity standards demanded by its clients.

“Our clients have high expectations for system availability (five nines), performance, security, and compliance, and we have been able to meet or exceed their expectations. Our clients also want to know that their partners have a business continuity plan that includes a robust disaster recovery plan, and we have been able to support and demonstrate that consistently with our AWS infrastructure.”

-Matt Stapleton, Site Reliability Engineer, Atrium

Another challenge was continuing to meet compliance requirements related to the processing, storage, and transmission of credit card information and other sensitive data that was processed as part of its solution. As a PCI Level 1 merchant, Atrium needed to consistently maintain Level 1 PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance, or potentially face steep penalties. To continue to achieve this compliance standard, Atrium had a need to continuously strengthen its security posture and ensure it had a path to improve it over time as standards changed.


Atrium partnered with Ntirety to address the day-to-day management of its AWS infrastructure and for expertise in meeting its security needs. Initially, Ntirety’s AWS-certified Professional Services helped optimally design Atrium’s AWS infrastructure through a Well-Architected Review. Currently, Ntirety’s Cloud Operations Service provides Atrium 24x7x365 monitoring and support, server patching, managed backups, incident response and more as part of its Managed Infrastructure Services. Additionally, Ntirety built a disaster recovery environment for Atrium that provides cross-regional replication and further enhances business continuity.

Ntirety’s comprehensive Managed Security Services strengthened Atrium’s security posture to proactively prevent cyberthreats. This is necessary for Atrium to meet its PCI-DSS compliance requirement. Ntirety’s compliant security solution includes Managed Next-Generation Firewall Service for Palo Alto firewalls, Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service, and Managed Endpoint Protection (XDR) Service. Additionally, Ntirety provides periodic External Vulnerability Scans and additional reports to provide visibility into Atrium’s PCI compliance performance.
Through its longstanding partnership with Ntirety, Atrium receives proactive support from a dedicated team including a Customer Success Manager, a Technical Account Manager, and Ntirety’s Security Operations Centers. Ongoing communication and results-focused service ensures that Atrium’s environment is running optimally and is well-secured.


By partnering with Ntirety and hosting its infrastructure in AWS, Atrium achieved its performance, availability, security, and compliance requirements. Atrium now provides 99.999% availability of its solution, meeting (and exceeding) its clients’ high expectations, and, as an added bonus, reduced its IT costs by 40% over its tenure with Ntirety and AWS.
By relying on Ntirety for day-to-day operations management of its AWS infrastructure and security, Atrium gains peace of mind and saves its IT team valuable time they can instead use to focus on client needs, improve product offerings, and engage in other important initiatives.

“Choosing Ntirety as a managed cloud service provider for AWS was an excellent choice for our business. From the initial migration project to current ongoing day-to-day operations and support, Ntirety has been a valuable partner every step of the way. Their team’s AWS knowledge and expertise runs deep, and their engineers have consistently delivered on every project we present to them. Ntirety designed our cloud infrastructure so that we can meet the high availability, performance, and security needs that our clients expect from our company.”

-Matt Stapleton, Site Reliability Engineer, Atrium

Atrium advanced its security profile and reduced its risk thanks to Ntirety’s comprehensive managed security services. This is critically important for a business that must protect clients’ sensitive data and maintain industry compliance. Atrium meets PCI DSS compliance standards required by the law and mandated by client contracts.
With Ntirety’s support, Atrium can operate efficiently and securely and focus its efforts on expanding and driving its business into the future.


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