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Implementing a Hybrid Cloud Environment


Mix and Match to Meet Your Workload Needs

Organizations that require multiple IT platforms—due to legacy applications, special IT attributes, or regulatory mandates, for instance—are well-suited for the flexibility and ease of the hybrid cloud. From a recent Forbes article, “With a hybrid cloud, companies can transition to the cloud at their own pace, with less risk and at a lower cost.”* Unlike some providers who use a “one-size-fits-all” approach, our hybrid cloud hosting server architectures can be “mixed and matched” to create a hybrid managed cloud environment fully suited to the organization’s unique requirements.  


*Source: Forbes, 2018

Why Go Hybrid?

Different challenges require different solutions. Unfortunately, most organizations aren’t facing a single challenge—they’re juggling multiple requirements and trying to reach several goals. That’s where managed hybrid cloud solutions come in.
You need to optimize costs, but must keep client interactions quickly scalable and flexible
Your business is part of an inconsistent startup marketing
You need to provide quick access to rich content from anywhere


Private cloud for steady state and public cloud to burst processing during peak times


Cloud dedicated for mission-critical data while extending external-facing resources into the public cloud to handle peak capacity


Private cloud for in-house business, plus remote data center sites that allow mobile users to quickly download valuable content

Proven Results

We had a vision for what we wanted, and Ntirety’s solution was the most complete. Performance-wise, the new environment is night and day from the old environment. We have the flexibility to spin it up and spin it down and do what we need to do. We’ve been very satisfied with the build-out, transition, and ongoing support from Ntirety.”

Kevin Cubberly

Director of Information Technology for The Henry Ford Museum


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