Managed Access Point Identification

Secure All Wireless Network Connections

Access points are tough enough to track in condensed and defined networks. But once you start scaling out your infrastructure to multiple clouds and locations, staying on top of access points can be an administrative burden. Before you get bogged down by access points, discover how Ntirety can help.


Managed AP Visibility And Management

Through our Managed Security Services, Ntirety simplifies access point identification and control. We’ll help you eliminate security blind spots and ensure all legitimate APs are adhering to IT policies and security protocols — while keeping all rogue APs at bay.

Keep The Access. Lose The Risk.

Ntirety Managed Access Point Identification ensures employees remain securely connected to the resources they need while barring unauthorized actors from accessing your network and data.

  • Maintain network integrity and compliance.
  • Safeguard your business-critical information, systems, and authentication credentials.
  • Ensure all APs are adhering to security policies and protocols, and being monitored by system administrators.
  • Prevent rogue APs — installed by hackers or even employees trying to make their jobs easier — from joining your network.
  • Protect employees from unknowingly connecting to APs configured to look identical to legitimate, trusted wireless networks.
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