Shoe Company Partners with Ntirety to Migrate Infrastructure into AWS and Improve Security


The client is a Canadian-based shoe store chain with locations across Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Australia. The company designs a variety of unique formal and casual shoes, and prides itself on using high-quality materials to craft its distinctive, limited-quantity styles.

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The company was growing rapidly. As sales increased, it began experiencing performance issues with the single server setup of its existing infrastructure. The company decided to migrate its infrastructure into the public cloud to achieve greater flexibility and scalability. However, its internal team lacked the expertise to complete the migration on its own and to fully leverage AWS’ capabilities. The company was also in need of a managed security solution, as it did not have the in-house staff nor expertise to continually monitor cyberthreats. It was struggling to appropriately protect its business and its customers, putting itself at risk.


The company engaged Ntirety to address both its challenges. Through Ntirety’s Cloud Migration Services, Ntirety’s AWS-certified Professional Services helped the company migrate its infrastructure from private cloud into AWS. Ntirety’s team helped redesign and implement the company’s infrastructure in AWS, which was set up in accordance with best practices to maximize the benefits AWS has to offer.

The company’s infrastructure was migrated from a monolithic design to a horizontally-scalable infrastructure that takes advantage of AWS EC2 for processing needs, AWS RDS for a reliable and secure database, and AWS S3 to store a large numbers of multimedia files. These solutions provided scalable compute power, managed databases, and secure storage for a flexible and cost-effective infrastructure, which aligned with the company’s needs.

After the migration, Ntirety’s Managed Cloud Services provided ongoing, day-to-day management of the company’s new infrastructure. These services augmented the work of the company’s small IT team, and included operations management, maintenance, and 24x7x365 support.

Ntirety also helped the company address its security concerns through its comprehensive, action-oriented Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service. The Ntirety team set up virtual, next-generation firewalls on the company’s EC2 instances. As the company’s new infrastructure was migrated to AWS, the Ntirety team helped configure AWS CloudTrail and SQS to process and send logs from AWS into Ntirety’s MDR solution. The Ntirety team currently delivers 24x7x365 threat activity monitoring, detection, and response as well as proactive threat remediation on the company’s behalf.


The new AWS infrastructure offers improved performance and availability and is able to scale to support the company’s continued growth. With Ntirety’s expert support in managing its AWS infrastructure, the company’s small IT team can focus their time on managing its online store and in-store point of sales systems, along with other areas that drive their business forward. Ntirety’s 24x7x365 MDR service protects its environment and its customers’ data, improving security posture and reducing risk. Through the support of Ntirety, the company has both optimized its operations and gained peace of mind knowing the business is secure.


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