Realize vast insights into your data

Ntirety Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting

Ntirety BI Consulting solutions are designed to help your organization realize vast insights into the data contained within your environments. Ntirety will help you determine business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), design and implement the ETL process, design and implement the de-normalized data environment, and deliver the customized BI dashboards.


Ntirety Business Intelligence Consulting service is comprised of the following modules of service:

  • ETL Design and Implementation
  • Cubes Design
  • Data Warehouse Design
  • KPI Development
  • Visualization Layer Design

Why Choose Ntirety Business Intelligence Consulting?


Identify Key Data Points

Identify key data points in your data that will help you make detailed decisions or give you detailed business insights.

Resolve Analyzing Data Issues

Resolve the problems of analyzing data across many different sources that is not formatted the same. Help ensure similar data from disparate sources can be matched, joined, and analyzed properly when combined.

Receive Regular and Timely Updates

Receive regular and timely updates from the data sources.

Distill Complex Analytic Process Development

Distill complex analytic process development down to the manipulation layer for business users.

Handle Your Data in Your Chosen Format

Handle your data in a format you are comfortable with, avoiding the need for programmers and engineers to regularly gather and present the data.

Customizable and Tailored Visualization

Ability to use customizable and tailored visualization objects that can be shared and used in distributable formats such as Excel files and Web pages.