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Secure the service edge while enhancing network performance.

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What is SASE?

SASE, Secure Access Service Edge, is a cloud-deployed solution that modernizes network architecture by merging multi‑layered security with high‑performance connectivity, simplifying the management and protection of your service edge in support of a distributed workforce.

diagram of cloud-delivered secure access service edge flow from user to saas and cloud applications

Challenges of managing a distributed workforce

  • Dispersed teams: Employees are spread across different locations, making traditional network management difficult
  • Cloud application dependence: Reliance on multiple cloud apps creates security and access control challenges
  • Legacy network architecture: Outdated infrastructure hinders agility and scalability
  • Point solutions: Juggling numerous point solutions increases complexity and inefficiency

Modernize and secure your service edge

Ntirety’s Managed SASE Service is a modern, cloud-based solution for securing the edge and enhancing network performance.

  • SASE simplifies and secures access to cloud and internal applications from any location, without the need for split-tunneling or backhauling network traffic from a centralized datacenter.
  • SASE is cloud-based, offering far greater flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness than physical firewalls.

Unlock the power of SASE and meet your security, compliance, and performance goals. 

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Strengthen Your Security Posture

Deploy consistent, zero-trust security access policies across users, devices, clouds, and endpoints

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Boost Your Network Performance

Improve user experience and productivity with SaaS (cloud-based) and internal applications

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Achieve Your Compliance Goals

Meet and maintain compliance with industry regulations


Save Time For Your IT Team

Reduce operational costs and gain time to focus on more strategic initiatives

The Components of Ntirety’s Managed SASE Service

SASE | Secure Access Service Edge

This framework reimagines network security at the service edge, combining the crucial functions of network connectivity, threat protection, and access control from a single, integrated platform.

The “Service Edge”

Where users and devices (phones, laptops, etc.) connect to the network from distributed locations (branches and home offices, etc.).

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Firewall as a Service

A cloud-based firewall that controls traffic and protects your network from unauthorized access.



Zero-Trust Network Access

Granting access only to specific applications based on continuous user verification and least privilege.

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Secure Web Gateway

A secure gatekeeper for online activities, filtering threats, and enforcing web policies.

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Cloud Access Security Broker

Monitoring and enforcement of cloud application usage policies while simplifying access for users.

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Software-Defined Wide Area Network

Orchestrates multiple internet connections, boosting network performance and agility. 

Take advantage of these power capabilities

Threat intelligence and perimeter protection at the service edge with FWaaS

Identity and application-based zero-trust access control with ZTNA

Consistent enforcement of security policies for cloud applications with CASB

Intelligent traffic routing and unified network connectivity with SD-WAN and SWG

Partner-implemented and managed service with 24x7x365 monitoring and support

Expert guidance in infrastructure modernization and compliance

Ready to Secure Your Service Edge?

Ntirety’s longstanding experience in network management, cybersecurity, and cloud position it uniquely within the evolving SASE landscape. Deep expertise in navigating regulatory environments allows Ntirety to deliver comprehensive solutions that are both compliant and secure, streamlining management of two often disparate services through a single provider. Ntirety’s customer-first, technology-centric approach guarantees an effective SASE solution that is custom, innovative, and scalable.