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Ntirety’s Well-Architected Review for AWS Environments is part of our focus on embedding cybersecurity into the fabric of your cloud services and a component of Ntirety’s Design, Build, and Operate Framework for securing cloud environments. This review arms you with a comprehensive roadmap to address evolving needs. It’s important to know how your cloud architecture stacks up against best practices to mitigate security risks, maintain uptime, and avoid unnecessary costs. You’re in good hands as Ntirety is a certified AWS Well-Architected Partner.

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The Well-Architected Framework provides a consistent approach to evaluate your AWS architecture and implement designs that scale over time. Leverage Ntirety’s extensive security, cloud expertise, and proven processes to improve application performance, reduce security risks, and save on cloud costs.


  • Proactively mitigate risks and build best practices for future cloud deployments
  • Develop a consistent, scalable approach for AWS architectures
  • Accelerate AWS deployment cycles
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Prescriptive remediation through Ntirety’s full stack managed services
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40% of organizations

have experienced a cloud-based data breach in the past 12 months, and cloud misconfigurations remain a top threat.1

AWS S3 bucket misconfigurations have recently accounted for millions of breached records and hundreds of hours’ worth of downtime for businesses.2

Well-Architected Six Pillar Framework

Ntirety thoroughly reviews your AWS cloud workloads, as well as other public, private, or hybrid workloads, using the frameworks’ six pillars so you can meet your business objectives. Pillars at a glance:

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Operational Excellence

The ability to develop, run, and monitor workloads effectively, focusing on continuous improvement to deliver the most business value.

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How to leverage cloud technology to protect data, systems, and assets in a way that improves overall security posture; includes controls, permissions, and security event detection.

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Ensures that workloads perform as intended throughout the entire lifecycle; understand if systems are configured correctly and how you can recover quickly from failure.

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Performance Efficiency

Ability to use compute resources effectively and meet requirements as business and IT needs evolve.

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Cost Optimization

How to run systems and deliver value at the lowest price point, including scaling without overspending.

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How to maximize utilization to minimize required resources and reduce overall environmental impact.

How it Works


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Determine which workloads and relevant data will be reviewed in your assessment

Comprehensive Review


Ntirety’s experts work closely with you to evaluate the targeted systems and workloads against the Well-Architected Framework

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Findings & Recommendations


When the review is complete, we meet with you to share findings, explain suggestions, and provide an easy-to-share report for your entire team. You’ll gain a clear understanding of how well you meet best practices, get a prioritized list of risks and opportunities by criticality, and receive a detailed improvement plan.

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Prioritized Remediation

next steps

Ntirety is available to remediate the suggested action items discovered through the review. Our resources and expertise make it easy to implement the improvements.

Why Choose Ntirety for your AWS Well-Architected Journey?

Our AWS Well-Architected Review is part of Ntirety’s Comprehensive Compliant Security Solutions, offering proactive guidance, ongoing recommendations, and prescriptive services. The Ntirety AWS Well-Architected Review is a component of Ntirety’s Design, Build, and Operate Framework. As a certified AWS Well-Architected Partner, you can lean on Ntirety to help you implement best practices that will secure your cloud infrastructure, optimize your applications, and save you money. Interested in learning more?

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