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Manage and Optimize your IT Spend

Ntirety Cost Containment Services

For many organizations, optimizing on-premise or cloud costs is a top initiative. However, organizations are struggling to wrap their heads around how to reduce IT waste. Ntirety Cost Containment services provides you the visibility, insight and guidance needed to ensure you are maximizing your IT spend.

Why Choose Ntirety Cost Containment Services?


Take Control of Your IT Spend

Gain transparency into the cost and usage choices that impact your business, align costs with applications, projects, and business units, and identify and reduce over-spending on assets.

Reduce IT Footprint

Right-size your on-premise and cloud environments, by eliminating overprovisioned or unused workloads.

Focus on Strategic Initiatives

Ntirety eliminates the guess-work when auditing database and cloud expenditures, so you can focus on strategic initiatives.

Industry-Leading Expertise

With over 20 years of experience, Ntirety’s team of experts delivers better performance, cost optimization, and unmatched service.

Actionable recommendations to minimize overprovisioned databases and reduce IT spend

Ntirety Cost Containment Services

Database Consolidation

Ntirety Database Consolidation services can help your organization reduce your total cost of IT ownership. Our database expects will evaluate how to eliminate unnecessarily large footprints, by reducing the number of database licenses and/or reducing your overall IT management overhead.

Types of Database Consolidation:

  • Database basis: Consolidate databases from different instances and bring them together based on performance characteristics and/or functional purpose
  • Instance basis: Consolidate multiple instances on a separate physical and/or virtual machine (VM)
  • Enterprise basis: Consolidate to achieve a net reduction in required hardware across the infrastructure that supports the database environment
  • Virtualization basis: Detach and disassociate the database layer from the physical machine in order to bring to a VM
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Cost Optimization

Ntirety Cost Optimization services can help your organization eliminate cloud spend and increase workload efficiency. By analyzing your cloud architectural design, infrastructure usage trends and cloud “best-practice” design to identify opportunities to reduce costs, without adversely affecting performance, availability or functionality.

Types of Cost Optimization:

  • Initial Spend Review: Initial review of customer spend trends by solution using 12 months of historical data
  • Master Cost Allocation Tagging Strategy: Customer-driven cloud asset tagging strategy to assist in enhanced spend tracking by application, business unit, department, etc.
  • Spend Alarm Thresholds: Customer-specified cost alarms to alert customers when they are approaching their pre-determined budget caps or targets
  • Monthly Cost Allocation Report: Monthly presentation of total spend by customer-defined tagging
  • Initial Cost Analysis: Initial analysis of historical costs and potential areas of savings in: EC2/ RDS types, generations, and upgrades; storage allocation and migration; and savings through Reserved Instance purchases
  • Regular Cost Analysis: Quarterly review of trends in cost and usage data with presentation of areas for potential savings in: EC2/RDS types, generations, and upgrades; storage allocation and migration; and savings through Reserved Instance purchases
  • Spend Analysis Review: Semi-annual review to present and compare spend trends from the previous 6 months and forecast 6 months in the future. Includes reviews of the Master Cost Allocation Tagging Strategy and Spend Alarm Thresholds
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