Cyber Hour Podcast

Ep. 13 – Making Good Decisions with New Technology

We are living in a period of constant innovation. Technologies that were previously unapproachable to most are becoming mainstream, offering organizations a wealth of new tools and possibilities.

In this informative episode of The Cyber Hour, host and Ntirety CEO, Emil Sayegh, sits down with SkaleSmart CEO, Jeff Hootselle, to talk about the role trusted advisors play amidst a landscape of proliferating technologies. They stress the importance of looking beyond tech challenges when selecting a partner, and the effect personality and culture match have on relationships and building trust.

Emil and Jeff also delve into the impact of current economic conditions, and how uncertainty is creating space for exciting change and innovation within organizations. This is followed by practical advice on remaining in-tune with your business, and how operating outside a silo leads to better, more informed decisions that are both financially responsible and security-aware.

To wrap things up, Jeff draws from his personal experience to champion the positive benefits of risk-taking and aligning with good organizations early in one’s career.