Cyber Hour Podcast

Ep. 14 – Remaining Competitive Through Technology

Technology is changing rapidly, making it difficult, if not impossible, for organizations to keep up without external support.

In this educational and entertaining episode of The Cyber Hour, host and Ntirety CEO, Emil Sayegh, sits down with Avant Executive Vice President of Engineering and Operations, Sean McNamara, to discuss how organizations can utilize technology to remain competitive. The conversation delves into a variety of topics including economic pressures, the shifting nature of decision making, and today’s near-constant conversations around AI and cybersecurity.

Using Avant as an example, Shane and Emil explore what is required to implement an internal AI strategy, from foundational elements like data lake creation and integration of disparate systems to end-products including automation and data-driven insights. The conversation explores the gap between what tech customers say they want and their level of expertise on how to implement it, highlighting the key role education and learning play in the process. They also examine the shifting role of decision makers, and the accelerating pace at which today’s business decisions are being made.

The episode wraps with advice gained from Shane’s personal journey, emphasizing the importance of being accessible, responsive, and communicative. He also advocates for time and patience and building an expert foundation in the process of accelerating one’s career.