Cyber Hour Podcast

Ep. 12 – The Critical Importance of People and Training

Today’s world is rife with cyber threats, and the scale and pace of attacks shows no signs of slowing. From traditional email phishing to the latest vishing (Voicemail phishing) trend, 95% of cyber attacks originate with people. Yet, cybersecurity budgets are overwhelmingly allocated towards technology.

In this illuminating episode of The Cyber Hour, Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh is joined by Cofense CEO Dave Van Allen. Together, they tackle the challenges of protecting data and systems in today’s digital world, with a focus on the crucial importance of investing in employees, awareness, and training. They also explore emerging technologies like AI, and the essential role humans play in utilizing this tech to effectively spot and combat threats.

To wrap up, they touch on the role C-levels and upper management play – and the responsibility they accept – in championing cybersecurity initiatives and protecting their organizations.