Cloud Success Stories: Stronger Cybersecurity in Azure Public Cloud

Cloud Success Stories: Stronger Cybersecurity in Azure Public Cloud

Regardless of industry, location, or company size, IT security is a top priority for all businesses. Operating in the cloud, like the Microsoft Azure platform, can give organizations a big boost in their security posture. In fact, Gartner predicts that through 2020 public cloud IaaS workloads will experience 60% fewer security incidents than traditional data centers.

To make this prediction a reality though, businesses need to know how to migrate and configure their cloud environments properly and continue to optimize as cyber-threats continue to evolve. This is a tall order for most companies, which makes sense why security would be one of the biggest hurdles against cloud adoption for nearly two-thirds of companies.

But with the continued guidance and expertise of cybersecurity and cloud professionals, like Ntirety’s Azure experts paired with our Managed Security Services, the cloud can provide the secure environment for businesses to build, deploy, and manage services and applications from anywhere.

Take an insider’s look at how two organizations overcame obstacles and minimized vulnerabilities migrating and expanding their Microsoft Azure environments with Ntirety leading them through a smooth digital transformation.

University Reduces IT Risks After Migrating Workloads to Azure

Offering both traditional and online class options, a major university knew it had to undergo a digital transformation from their colocation setup. Evolving their existing IT stack was exposing IT performance and availability issues and the university had to move to the cloud to alleviate the issues. But making that transition risked greater downtime and knew the migration would require IT expertise beyond what the higher-ed organization had in-house.

The university selected Ntirety to perform the university’s migration to Microsoft Azure with their internal teams working in tandem with Ntirety’s on project plan so they could guide their IT partner through a full analysis of existing code and the organization’s infrastructure design.

Achieving a smooth transformation to Azure, the university was relieved of many of the operational risks and costs associated with managing a legacy colocation provider. With Ntirety’s continued partnership, the university took full advantage of the Azure’s reporting tools, cost optimization in the dynamic environment, and better security monitoring.

IHS Markit Regains Business Focus with Secure Azure Cloud Services

The IHS Markit team strained to keep up the company’s 24/7 operation and needed expert Azure support to continue to grow securely.

Not only did the company need the time and focus back for their desired business goals, but they needed a stronger security posture to protect proprietary data. With Ntirety acting as front line for monitoring and patching for their Azure environment, the organization’s internal teams could push forward with peace of mind.

The organization operated smoothly without a hiccup in security thanks to diligent monitoring and patching, tasks that could easily go overlooked by internal teams stretched thin. But Ntirety was capable of handling hundreds of WAF alerts and remediations daily to prevent any real problems developing. While escalation procedures were put in place, the Ntirety team was often able to engage and mitigate any issues without having to distract the IHS Markit team – letting them focus without worrying about cybersecurity.

Better Cloud Security Together

No matter what IT environment, cloud security is a shared responsibility strengthen with the expertise of a cybersecurity partner.

With a proven track record of helping organization across industries migrate, optimize, and secure their business IT, Ntirety offers a portfolio of managed security services designed to meet every business’s needs, including:

  • Secure remote access and managed VPN
  • Edge-to-endpoint firewalls
  • Malware protection and patching
  • Real-time reporting on potential threats

Whether starting migration or optimizing existing infrastructure, Ntirety Managed Security Services offer enterprise businesses the advanced tools, processes, and support networks and mission-critical applications.

For businesses ready to step up their cybersecurity, Ntirety is the expert guide with over 20 years’ experience dedicated to reducing risks, optimizing IT spend, and improving agility to create future-ready enterprises.

Ready to strengthen your cloud security? Start with a consultation and cloud vulnerability assessment with one of Ntirety’s trusted cybersecurity experts today.