Case Study – IHS Markit Regains Focus on Business Goals with Secure Azure Cloud Managed by Ntirety

IHS Markit Regains Focus on Business Goals with Secure Azure Cloud Managed by Ntirety

IHS Markit is a global information provider that combines data, analytics, and insights to provide solutions for business, finance and government. Business across the world rely on the company to address strategic and operational challenges – and IHS Markit relies on advanced technology to do so.

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While IHS Markit consistently delivered insightful information to clients, they found their team did not have the bandwidth to manage, monitor, and secure their own IT systems. The organization struggled with limited staff for their internal IT needs and lacked the specialized skills needed for their expanding Microsoft Azure systems. The IHS Markit team strained to keep up the company’s 24/7 operation and needed support to continue to grow securely.


To get the specific support needed, IHS Markit turned to Ntirety to manage their Azure cloud operations. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Ntirety brought the Azure expertise and best practices in security and networking – the much-needed missing pieces to give IHS Markit more bandwidth to move faster with less risk.

The organization’s internal team had a great weight lifted off their shoulders as Ntirety took over the full operational management of IHS Markit’s research and development department including Dev, Staging, Production, and Disaster Recovery plans, as well as Database maintenance, monitoring, and tuning. The company was even able to get the type of actionable insights they served to clients for their own internal cloud systems thanks to weekly meetings with Ntirety’s Solutions Team Azure DevOps engineer.

IHS Markit not only needed the time and focus back for their desired business goals, but they needed a stronger security posture to protect proprietary data. With Ntirety acting as front line for monitoring and patching, the organization’s internal teams could push forward with peace of mind.


Relieved of the operational management of their numerous Azure cloud environments, IHS Markit could focus on business development without pausing to handle tedious tasks. To support their varying needs, Ntirety’s Azure DevOps engineer would spin up as many VMs as needed – sometimes upwards of 50 in a month to allow IHS Markit to deliver the insights and analytics their own clients needed.

The organization operated smoothly without a hiccup in security thanks to diligent monitoring and patching, tasks that could easily go overlooked by internal teams stretched thin. But Ntirety was capable of handling hundreds of WAF alerts and remediations daily to prevent any real problems developing. While escalation procedures were put in place, the Ntirety team was often able to engage and mitigate any issues without having to distract the IHS Markit team – letting them focus without worrying about cybersecurity.

From security to day-to-day cloud operations, IHS Markit found the expert partner to handle mission-critical IT needs with Ntirety.