Case Study – University’s IT Continuously Optimizes After Transforming Workloads to Azure with Ntirety

University’s IT Continuously Optimizes After Transforming Workloads to Azure with Ntirety

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To continue providing leading programs and support for their students and staff, a major university knew it had to undergo a digital transformation. But making the transition threatened to open doors to downtime and other IT risks, requiring greater expertise than what the higher ed organization had in house to execute smoothly.

Offering both traditional and online class options with large television and digital marketing programs, evolving their IT stack was already beginning to expose IT performance and availability issues, before adding in the extra strain of a digital transformation. The university’s traditional colocation provider was not providing visibility into the IT environment to understand the rising issues, in addition to lacking effective monitoring or management.

With its history of excellence in managed IT services, Ntirety was selected to perform the university’s transformation to Microsoft Azure, plus an added commitment to provide continuous support and improvements beyond the move through the managed service provider industry’s first Guidance Level Agreement (GLA). Ntirety’s GLAs deliver actionable recommendations for improvement in four key areas—availability, performance, security, and cost—all of which the university needed help in.


Ntirety designed the project plan in tandem with the university’s internal team, meeting daily to work through all the details and preparation for transformation and improvement. Aiming to avoid downtime and optimize the environment both during and after the move to Azure, Ntirety’s plans included full analysis of existing code and infrastructure design.

Ntirety provided comprehensive solutions for the higher ed organization, including:

  • Completion of a successful, non-disruptive cloud transformation to Azure
  • Managed Cloud Services customized for the university’s applications and IT needs
  • Implementation of new security measures to meet new IT environment standards
  • Continued professional database services throughout migration and beyond

Beyond the digital transformation, the university was guaranteed continuous improvement through the Ntirety’s GLA—taking the higher ed organization a level up from their previous IT service provider’s traditional SLA. Ntirety’s GLA includes monthly reports and actionable recommendations for further optimization of the university’s Azure investment.

“The migration went very well and shows that we are fully operational with no outages.” – University Director of Web Development


Achieving a smooth transformation to Azure, the university was relieved of many of the operational risks and costs associated with managing a legacy colocation provider. In conjunction with the benefits of modern infrastructure, the ongoing work between the university and Ntirety continued to bring further optimization in the four key areas of the GLA—availability, performance, security, and cost:

  • Availability: As a proactive measure, the university expanded their managed IT to include disaster recovery services to protect the availability of their systems for their students, staff, and the time of their internal teams in case of emergencies.
  • Performance: Although Azure provides some reporting, Ntirety’s GLA takes the deeper dive and broader analysis to help the higher ed organization make decisions and take actions if needed.
  • Security: After suffering from ineffective monitoring and management from their legacy colocation provider, Ntirety’s GLA delivered a new level of proactive security and visibility.
  • Cost: Since making the move to Azure, Ntirety continuously helps optimize the university’s Azure spend for their specific business outcomes in this dynamic IT environment.

The digital transformation did not end with migration but continued with Ntirety’s trusted Managed Cloud solutions and GLAs—providing lasting support and optimization for the university’s internal IT teams and letting them focus on continuously delivering academic excellence.

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