Ntirety Achieves Major Compliance Attestations in First Audit After Merger

Continuing Compliance Excellence

Ntirety is pleased to announce successfully achieving 2019 compliance attestation for PCI, SOC 1, 2, & 3, and HIPAA. With the start of the new year, Ntirety proves to continue upholding high compliance standards after the merger.

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Beyond Ntirety as an enterprise demonstrating compliance with PCI DSS, this attestation includes certification of our services so clients electing to use these managed services can rely on Ntirety’s AOC to meet specific controls for their PCI requirements.

    • Antivirus/Anti-spyware Service
    • Backup Service
    • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Threat Management
  • Vulnerability Scanning Service
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Availability & Capacity Monitoring
  • Patching Service
  • Database Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Logging Service
  • IDS/ Service
  • Encryption Service

Meeting all regulations for PCI, SOC 1, 2, & 3 and HIPAA was an opportunity to showcase our people, process and technology. Throughout the assessment cycle, our tireless team stood front and center working with our assessors, Online Business Systems and Linford and Company LLP.

Ntirety’s Hardworking Experts Make Compliance Achievable

Our teams displayed layers of expertise as more than 50 of our SME’s presented our processes and technologies to the assessors, all while their Ntirety peers supported through various efforts over the 4-month period.

This achievement is a great example of the continuing excellence Ntirety brings to the managed IT solutions market. With the focused efforts and support of our cross-functional teams, we forge ahead with other ongoing compliance assessments and continue to deliver exemplary—and compliant—services to reduce risk and increase agility for modern enterprises.

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