Hostway|Hosting is Now Ntirety!

Since announcing the Hostway and Hosting merger on January 8, 2019, our company has tirelessly worked to integrate and expand services to serve our clients and partners. This merger came about as the natural evolution to the enterprise organizations’ need for a service provider that offers comprehensive services and a solutions portfolio.

Today, after months of integrating our services, introducing new tools and welcoming new faces—while maintaining a steadfast commitment to our clients—we are proud to introduce our new name and brand: Ntirety.

Why Ntirety?

Pre-merger, Hostway and Hosting independently delivered outstanding hybrid and multi-cloud solutions to enterprise organizations with exceptional service powered by customer-obsessed cultures. Together as Ntirety, we have united to elevate those skills and services to the next level. I am proud to announce we now deliver the “entirety” of cloud and IT solutions to transform every client into the future-ready, agile enterprise they strive to be. Ntirety is the only Managed Solutions Provider that guarantees continuous improvements to proactively reduce risks and optimize costs.

At Ntirety, we believe that a name is only as good as the people that stand behind it. I truly believe in Team Ntirety, and truly believe that our people are the best in the industry, from cloud experts to account managers to operations administrators—as they all share an uncompromising commitment to our clients. By personally knowing each client’s infrastructure, applications, and team from end-to-end, we can deliver comprehensive and transformative solutions designed with each client’s business goals in mind.

Move Faster with Less Risk—Guaranteed

Only Ntirety provides the best guarantee in the industry for highly-compliant, mission-critical applications. As Ntirety, we approach business challenges by assessing, designing and delivering via our proprietary Ntirety Delivery Model™. We then go above and beyond by implementing a “continuous improvement” step that allows us to guarantee better business outcomes. Ultimately, we are the only Managed Service Provider that proactively delivers insights that enable enterprise IT to shift from tactical operations to business transformation.

The Ntirety Experience

We continue to build our portfolio of solutions and services to deliver on our mission of enabling business to move forward with less risk. Along with extensive information on our full services portfolio, the new Ntirety website provides insights on cloud technology, details on solution journeys, and more. Learn about upcoming events, or browse thought-leadership blog posts and resources.

Moving Forward as Ntirety

Witnessing Hostway and Hosting come together over the last few months makes me even more excited to see the amazing things our team will do under our new brand, Ntirety.

For a full list of answers to client questions about our new brand, please be sure to read our FAQ.

To learn more about changes happening across our organization, please read the official press release and keep an eye out for more updates on our expanding solutions portfolio.

To our valued clients, we invite you to share any questions with your dedicated account manager.

Our commitment to outstanding service and proactive solutions only grows stronger with our new name. Explore the new website to get a first look at Ntirety!