Women’s History Month: Honoring Women in Technology and Ntirety’s Female Leaders

Women’s History Month: Honoring Women in Technology and Ntirety’s Female Leaders

March is recognized as Women’s History Month and with each passing year, we are proud to see more and more women entering the technology field. From Product Development to Customer Success, Ntirety is fortunate to have many strong female leaders throughout our company.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve interviewed several of our team members about their experiences working in the tech industry, being a part of Ntirety, and looking towards the future for women in IT.

“I’ve been in this industry, and with this company, a long time,” shares Cindy Lou Chapman, Oracle Team Lead. “Technology can still feel male-dominated from what I’ve experienced in this business, but I like to think there are streaks of brilliance, flashes of color, that are represented by the women that have passed thru or persevered in this domain.”

While statistics show that women currently make up only 25% of the tech workforce, Chapman encourages more women to enter the industry and likes to train women new to the field, helping them reach their potential.

Similarly, Dawn Watz, Quality Assurance Lead in Product Development, is also inspired to see the creation and growth of global tech support organizations like Women in Tech, Women Who Code, and Women Who Test, even though her early experiences in the industry also mirrored Chapman’s.

“When I started in tech, I had no idea I would be the only woman or one of few on most of my teams,” Watz explains, but she’s since found support from her teammates and management at Ntirety. “I feel trusted to make decisions and solve problems. My work is respected and my ideas are considered with the same weight as other team members.”

Even if their presence wasn’t overt in the early days, groundbreaking female leaders in the IT field influenced many on the Ntirety team.

“I’ve been lucky to have many strong females in my life who have inspired me to always stand up for myself, strive to succeed, and not be afraid to break traditions,” says Maggie McGovern, Vice President, Customer Success & SMB Sales.

With over 20 years in the tech industry and being a part of the Ntirety team since 2006, McGovern’s career journey has taken her from working behind the scenes in IT to switching over to work with people more through Customer Success. Her path is a great example of how many facets are in the tech industry and how important building and maintaining strong relationships and networks are in the technology space. From Customer Success Managers to Channel Partners, Ntirety’s team is dedicated to helping people.

“I love working in channel for a cybersecurity company. It allows me to rehumanize technology by taking something scary and saying hey, you’ve got a team of people that can help you,” explains Alexandria Huber, Regional Channel Manager. “Having the right technology is important, but having the right people is better.”

In every area, there are strong roles for women to take the lead and provide much needed perspectives and ideas that contribute to greater innovation – and Ntirety believes that diversity is invaluable to our teams.

“In my role at Ntirety, I hope to be able to contribute to making Ntirety a more diverse and inclusive space and increase the number of women in our leadership and tech roles,” shares Zoe Robinson, People Experience & Recruitment Advisor, “As a young woman starting my career in People Operations at a tech company, I am inspired to work towards recruiting more women into tech and creating an environment internally where they can succeed.”

From personal convictions to company missions, Ntirety is dedicated to expanding women’s roles in technology and fostering new opportunities for everyone.

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