The Three Main Challenges of Merging Two Companies 

On September 10, 2019, we announced the natural next step of our merger and rebranded to Ntirety. We combined to form one of the largest managed cloud services platforms in the world, delivering ever-higher levels of service and solutions. We accomplished this task in an incredible nine-month timeframe thanks to hard work of our teamsIt may have looked simple from the outside, but in reality it was anything but easy.  

Taking two companies that were once competitors and forming a single company is a monumental task. Statistics suggest that more than 85% of mergers never reach their target objectives, and many are dismal failures. From the beginning, we knew this change was always going to be a challenge. It was foresight and planningcombined with hard workthat has so far ensured Ntirety remains a true exception to those statistics. At the core of this brand change is our mission to “enable business to move faster with less risk.”  

Challenge #1: Nurturing Change 

There are considerations to keep in mind during a merger, let alone one of this size. How are employees going to react? How will they work together? What are customers going to think? How do we manage apprehensions and create a cohesive culture?  

Fortunately, we had a vision to follow from the get-go, even before we had settled on a unified brand. We proactively assured customers that the new company would continue to be the absolute best in the business. Within our organization, we went to great strides to reach every single person and get their feedbackevery opinion counted. From the quietest folks to the most vocal individuals we aimed to find common ground between leadership and individual contributors alike about what this company could be and what role each of us could provide. We felt every voice had value, and we approached the rebrand from every angle possible, sharing goals, interests, and potential contributions. We then got to work building our brand the right way—and building it to last.  

Challenge #2This Was an Exhaustive—but Necessary—Process  

We are in a phase of the just over a decade-long cloud story where infrastructure has become increasingly commoditized while the demand for Managed Services has increased. Throughout this nine-month process, our combined team has developed new products and services, and they have established new ground 

in sophisticated and complex managed IT solutions. Flexibility, value and experience come together to provide secure, efficient, multi-disciplined solutions our customers need.

With our rich combined heritage, Ntirety has a lot to hang our hat on. Our touchstone achievements include advancements at scale, efficient computing, colocation, public cloud, and hybrid changes, and now Ntirety embarks on a new mission to deliver guaranteed business outcomes in highly compliant and mission-critical applications. This is achieved via our proprietary Guidance Level Agreements (GLAs). This process of continuous improvement proactively reduces risks and optimizes costs to enable the future-ready, agile enterprise. 

Challenge #3: Forging A New Bond 

The word transformation is thrown around freely within the technology business, but there isn’t a much better word to describe what’s happened at Ntirety. We are now one team moving forward, and while we revere the past, we look forward to creating and leading in an entirely new market.  This ninemonth integration experience has forged us together for good. We are now a team that has been tempered and toughened over our 20 years of experience, plus the past nine months of integration. I’m proud of our team and their contributions to this process, and I can tell every day that each employee has been shaped and strengthened in more capable versions of themselves.  

As Ntirety, our new merged organization is even better positioned to address the top enterprise IT challenges of security, costs, lack of IT resources, governance and multi-cloud complexity. There is no compromise in our commitment to customer service, or the focus on leading solutions for IT leaders and CIOs that are looking to mitigate risks, reduce costs, and increase business agility.  

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