The Great Disruption No One Planned For: COVID-19

Understanding the pillars to business continuity and cybersecurity is more important than ever through the lens of COVID-19 and the new “normal” that has followed.

Companies have undergone significant transformations—changing how employees communicate and interact, as well as how organizations operate. With millions of employees now working remote, more companies are facing major business and technical challenges to business continuity, productivity, and security postures.

Hosted by Ntirety CEO and Forbes contributor Emil Sayegh, CISO Chris Riley, CRO Kevin Smith, and CFO John Faulkner, Ntirety’s executive team offers insights on IT and Security readiness and preparedness against this pandemic.

  • Learn about the most pressing topics businesses face with coronavirus, like:
  • How leading organizations are adapting their IT infrastructure and security postures to COVID-19
  • Best practices in crisis communication, IT infrastructure, and security postures
  • How to ensure that your company can continue to be productive and secure through this and in a future crisis

Ntirety is committed to providing the insights, services, and support necessary to make it through this pandemic together.

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