The California Consumer Privacy Act: Not Just “America’s GDPR”

Insights from 451 Research brought to you by Ntirety

In January 2020, California enacted the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), a set of requirements for applicable businesses designed to advocate and support consumers and their privacy, similar to the European Union’s GDPR mandates. Although there is overlap between CCPA and GDPR measures, the differences mandate the enforcement of new compliance strategies.

Both CCPA and GDPR are designed to meet the growing concern amongst consumers around how personal data is being collected, who has access to it, and how they can gain control over their personal data. But the fine print details reveal variations between each law, and those variations can come with hefty consequences if they are overlooked and inadvertently ignored. Businesses that already meet GDPR compliance cannot assume that they will automatically meet CCPA requirements and must conduct the same thorough due diligence for this latest compliance regulation.

In a new comprehensive whitepaper, The California Consumer Privacy Act: Not Just “America’s GDPR,” Ntirety and 451 Research examine the two compliance standards to highlight their commonalities and expose the gaps that can leave companies open to potential penalties.

Find out what your enterprise needs to meet to CCPA and how Ntirety can optimize your compliance strategy to be ready for the next evolution of data privacy. Schedule an assessment today.