Security Threats are Changing…Has Your Protection?

Introducing the New Managed Security Service from Ntirety

In today’s enterprise business world, if a company hasn’t gone through or started a digital transformation yet, it’s clear the organization is falling behind. As the enterprise market sprints towards the next iteration of IT, the hurdles ahead are becoming more apparent—but companies may already be stumbling without the proper security to keep up with evolutionary challenges.

To bridge this growing gap between same-old security and what companies need today, Ntirety has created the next generation of protection with our new Managed Security Service. Designed to meet the critical needs of enterprise IT teams, this new offering comes from our extensive research into where the most detrimental gaps arise from, the tools needed to fill them, and how this next generation of security is vital for data and infrastructure protection.

Innovation, Infiltration, Exploitation

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are now more accessible as enterprise tools and creating equally accessible avenues for attacks. Other emerging threats like cryptojacking, cross-site scripting, and compromised IoT devices present critical dangers that previous IT security measures never had to consider. This opens the door for malicious intruders to hack their way in over time. For example, it was recently discovered that a cryptojacking attack targeting a water utility company in Europe was responsible for malware discovered in the background of the company’s industrial control system, quietly disabling the system’s defense tools and taking control of its applications. Opportunities to attack cropping up in new places—from personal devices to enterprise infrastructures—and the risks are often hard to spot until it’s too late.

Internal security concerns are also on rise, whether businesses realize it or not. From unscrupulous employee hacking to unwittingly relaxed practices regarding sensitive information, security risks are spilling from the inside out. Even third-party providers, who have access to other organization’s internal systems, are vulnerable to their own breaches causing a ripple effect for hacker access and have led to several big-name brands becoming the subject of some shocking data breach headlines. From internal risks to access issues, lack of adequate security opens the door for many different avenues for attack.

With the push to adopt new technologies, the focus is often on implementation, but the question remains: is properly securing infrastructure and data becoming an afterthought during these transitions?

More In-Depth Reporting is No Longer a Nice-to-Have—It’s Essential

IT security has come a long way from reactive defenses to proactive detection, but not every Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) can meet the skyrocketing demands and more advanced standards for effective data protection.

To truly learn from the information captured through log data, companies are craving more context from MSSPs. While quantity of collected logs, alerts, and escalations once met security expectations, staying ahead of future threats now requires quality insights and inferences to make a difference for organizations. Understanding the threat intelligence associated with the events—including potential attribution, motivation, and even next steps of an adversary—is a critical component to security and has become an insight that few MSSPs can provide. The greater understanding of threats and organization’s systems security programs can provide will in turn reduce the waves of arbitrary alerts and notifications. More actionable alerts with less unnecessary interruptions gives companies more focus on their business goals, rather than sort out what notifications need to be taken seriously. Reducing the risk while increasing business agility is formula enterprise companies need to stay ahead.

How Ntirety Managed Security Services Meets This Need: With this new service, enterprise companies gain access to full, real-time reporting of incidences directly from analysts at dedicated Security Operation Centers (SOCs), in-depth explanations of alerts/risks, and recommendations on how to mitigate attacks as they are detected. This expeditious service and accompanying insights are possible in part due to Ntirety’s dedication to understanding each client’s individual needs and challenges. From networks to human bandwidth, Managed Security Services are tailored through close collaborations between dedicated teams. Ntirety truly becomes the reliable, proactive partner enterprises need for comprehensive, customized protection.

Slow, Inefficient Communication Leads to Chaotic Escalations

From big-picture perspectives and proactive measures to the tactile practices necessary to tackle today’s threats, most MSSPs can only cover some of what’s truly needed. Longtime MSSP clients know that most incident response workflows used to start with an email, then included a ticket and the occasional phone call when necessary—a cumbersome system that slowed responses against increasingly insidious infiltrations. But automation, remediation, and chat capabilities have revamped the escalation process to create real-time collaborative war rooms during critical events.

How Ntirety Managed Security Services Meets This Need: To prevent issues before they even arise, our next-generation security offering provides managed detection and automated reactions for rapid responses. This Deep Packet Inspection service—coupled with advanced application policy configuration—keeps networks free from unwanted traffic. Defending networks from edge to endpoint, Ntirety’s modern firewall services amplify the firewall itself, taking IT security to the next level.

See how standard security practices compare to Ntirety’s Managed Security Services

Stay Ahead of Threats–and the Competition–with GLAs

It has become abundantly clear that the threat environment and what companies expect from MSSPs is only expanding. Enterprise organizations require more than just an average Service Level Agreement (SLAs) to not only protect systems from all threats—they also need to consistently gather insights and adjust course for better security as technology risks evolve.

How Ntirety Managed Security Services Meets This Need: Only Ntirety offers an industry exclusive Guidance Level Agreement (GLA). Paired with Ntirety’s Monitoring Insights service, Managed Security builds the next-level layer of protection that simultaneously helps companies achieve better business outcomes. Ntirety’s solutions enable the transformation from reactive to become a future-ready, agile enterprise.

An industry first, Ntirety’s GLAs provide:

  • Three actionable recommendations provided on a quarterly basis (or as dictated by your SOW) to reach desired business results
  • Trusted commitment to availability, performance, security, and cost
  • Business insights reviews on a business-specific basis
  • Commit to a defined, measurable level of quality, availability, or responsiveness

Ntirety Managed Security Services with the included GLA gives enterprise organizations consistent and iterative improvement and optimization over time with the assurance of stability and—most importantly—unmatched security.

Next-Level Threats Demand Next Generation Security

With new risks appearing every day, from internal oversights to malicious hacking, businesses can’t afford to leave IT security as an afterthought. The more advanced technology becomes, the more sophisticated attackers become, leaving enterprises overwhelmed with the complexities of modern IT security. Protection is possible, and detection and insights make prevention achievable with the right proactive partner.

Want to stay ahead of security threats and protect your data? Schedule a Ntirety Vulnerability Assessment today.