Managed Compliant Security Solutions Leader Ntirety Announces New Suite Of Advanced Security Offerings

Launch Furthers Ntirety’s Leadership in Comprehensive and Compliant Security Solutions that Permeate the Entire IT Stack 

We are excited to introduce a new set of security tools and continue our pledge to reduce risk, optimize IT spend, and improve business agility through services unlike any other IT provider in the market. This expansion of cybersecurity tools would not have been possible without the support of our partners. 

Ntirety will continue to search for the next way to keep you and your business safe and do all that we can to be proactive in keeping bad actors out of your cyber infrastructure.  

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ntirety, the most trusted Comprehensive Security provider and only company that embeds compliant security throughout the IT stack to safeguard the assets businesses rely on, today announced the launch of a new suite of advanced security solutions. 

“Security is everything, especially in today’s world; traditional IT security as people used to know it doesn’t work anymore,” said Emil Sayegh, CEO of Ntirety. “Ntirety has put security and compliance at the core of everything we do, extending the concept of comprehensive security across the entire IT stack. This new suite of services further cements our evolved approach to security and helps safeguard businesses to become virtually unstoppable.” 

“With this launch Ntirety continues to leverage its position as a deep rooted, managed service provider, adding now a full-fledged managed security service capability,” said Philbert Shih, Managing Director at Structure Research. “This combination raises the bar on its overall value proposition as cybercrimes have exponentially increased during the pandemic with the average cost of data breaches topping several million dollars per incident. Ntirety’s new suite of advanced security offerings offers businesses comprehensive protection for everything they hold dear and reflects the increasing complexity that organizations are faced with, which translates directly into demand for service providers and MSPs.” 

This new product suite augments Ntirety’s comprehensive security services in two of the primary cyberattack vectors, and shows how Ntirety continues to comprehensively protect IT environments by enhancing its protect, recovery, and assurance security framework. New offerings being brought to market include Managed Secure Email Services, next-gen Web Application and API Protection, and Managed ASV Scan. 

Please see below for a breakdown of Ntirety’s new product offerings included in its comprehensive service suite: 

  • Ntirety Managed Secure Email Services – Email is the leading target vector of attack for cybercriminals.  Ntirety secures email by adding additional perimeter, internal, and end-point threat detection, which forms an integrated layer of email protection.  Ntirety’s Security Operations Centers maintain a comprehensive view of the entire email threat landscape and take proactive measures to protect them.  
  • Ntirety Web Application & API Protection – Ntirety keeps web applications safe and secure, the API’s safe from cyber threats across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments utilizing their state of the art Security Operations Center.  
  • Ntirety Managed ASV – This service allows Ntirety to manage the vulnerability scanning process required for PCI Compliance, which is often extremely complex to manage on your own. 

“Ntirety’s comprehensive security suite has been an impressive security shield for our business,” said Chris Becker, National IT Director of AbsoluteCare. “Our data is extremely important, and we cannot afford for it to get in the wrong hands. Additionally, we don’t have the budget to stand up our own internal infrastructure or internally hire the expertise required to protect against today’s artful criminals. We are grateful for our partnership with Ntirety, who keep our data safe and protected from unknown threats.” 

With a vision to “help businesses move forward with less risk”, Ntirety’s vision encompasses four foundational components that ensure successful customer experiences: Comprehensive Security First, Channel Only focus, and unfettered Customer Success. Ntirety continues to provide the highest quality customer service across all sectors of healthcare, manufacturing, FinTech, and SaaS applications.