Enterprise IT Needs To Move Faster With Less Risk

An edict to go to the cloud can be a blessing, but it can also mean massive challenges. Adapting to change is crucial to success, but CIOs and enterprise IT in general lack the expertise and resources to embark on a wellrationalized and wellexecuted cloud journeyMost importantly, enterprise IT lacks the time needed to facilitate evolution within their organization.

Even more experienced IT teams come across significant issues when they try to go it alone:  

  • Business Risk: As evidenced by the myriad of compliance and security issues that make the news—and those that don’t! 
  • Downtime: Spending numerous days and hours resolving issues can be especially taxing when issues happen in off-hours as most IT teams are not built for continuous 24×7x365 operations. 
  • Opportunity Cost: An age-old issue,  IT spends its time on maintenance and basic tasks instead of advancing the company cause and mission, leading top execs to perceive the IT team as non-strategic.
  • Incorrect Cloud Adoption: Having the wrong cloud mix, and in some cases, exhibiting an inability to execute a flawless move to the cloud. 
  • Lack of Alignment: IT moves too slow for line-of-business. 
  • Cloud Sprawl: Too many platforms and technologies could be pushing high consumption costs back into operating budgets. 
  • Mounting Expenses: Exhibited by unpredictable costs and wasted resources. 

The will to reach a cloud state is a good thing, but the landscape of possibilities is virtually endlessIT departments are short-staffed, facing a lack of time and up against a full spectrum of security threats. 

How Cloud Gets Done Today 

Cloud technologies are incredibly simple to consume. Shop. Click. Order. Pay. Boom—you’re in the cloud. This simplicity betrays the strategic and purpose-built nature of serious workloads on cloud services. Typically, a line of business application is planned and scaled to its most likely usage base, requirements are developed, and finally, the infrastructure is built around those requirements. That’s how everyone else in the business gets cloud technology up and running. It’s built once and they keep the engine running. 

Uncovering Hybrid 

Hybrid computing came along to fill a need to bridge two technological worlds together, leveraging cloud solutions with existing technologies. Designed around integration and security, hybrid cloud technologies help create a new IT fabric.  

The challenge of hybrid complexities lies in waita world of technical opportunities beset by an unending roster of features. Also, IT faces logistical, financial, and technical commitments to legacy applications and environments.  

How Ntirety Solves These Challenges 

Our approach is different. We focus on the customer by highlighting the business outcomes they want to get out of the cloud. Our approach centers on: 

  • Consultations during pre-sales and onboarding, plus ongoing customer support throughout the customer’s cloud journey 
  • Security and compliance specialization 
  • Agility to take legacy workloads and transition them to a cloud solution 
  • Hybrid cloud portfolio on dedicated/private and public cloud to serve complex and secure workloads 

No matter what business outcomes are requiredNtirety’s results are guaranteed through the industry’s first and only Guidance Level Agreements (GLAs) and our Ntirety Delivery Model™, offering continual improvements throughout all our services 

As an example, our Monitoring Insights Service combined with our GLAs enables our team to give actionable recommendations that cover cost savings, risk profile improvments and business agility enhancements.  Customers can rely on quarterly and yearly actionable recommendations to continually improve on their investments.  

You can’t find this type of proactivity on hyperscale platforms alone, and other cloud service providers simply aren’t positioned to provide guaranteed business outcomes 

Why WFormed Ntirety 

On September 10th, 2019, we did it. We united under our new identity, Ntirety, and it’s been quite a journey. More than just a name, the switch to Ntirety marks the emergence of a mission to take on the biggest challenges that exist in the world of information technology today. With a unique value proposition that stands alone in the industry, we are helping our customers move faster with less risk. Further, we are guaranteeing business outcomes by helping future-ready, agile enterprises reduce risk, optimize costs and improve their business agility. It’s a service that is always improving, always striving to deliver the best.  

Year after year, CIOs are forced to do more with less, balancing that which exists against the opportunities that are always evolving. Ntirety helps teams focus on value creation, creating optimized technology systems and unlocking their potential to overcome previously unbroached boundaries 

Across all available app infrastructures and despite layers and layers of separate management infrastructures, we reduce complexity. Meanwhile, we’re proactively tackling cybersecurity threats and compliance issues that keep CIOs up late at night.  When reliability and best practices are at risk, we help do things right.  

We’re obsessed with our customers, delivering global capabilities and solutions with unparalleled expertise. Cloud technologies offer a chance to transform business, but in order to take advantage of this, IT must move faster and reduce risks. Ntirety and it’s leading solution approach is the answer for enterprises. 

Curious about how GLAs guarantee business outcomes? Contact us now for a noobligation consultation.