Cloud Migration Success Stories: Optimizing Cost and Improving Agility in the AWS Public Cloud

Optimizing Cost and Improving Agility in the AWS Public Cloud

For any business to maintain a competitive edge, cloud migration is no longer a question of if but when – and now even more importantly, it is a question of how to migrate efficiently, effectively, and securely.

Whether migrating some or all of their workloads from traditional data centers to public or private clouds, or opting for hybrid or multi-cloud solutions, 52% of the early-stage cloud users choose Amazon Web Services (AWS). Businesses find the extensive set of cloud services from AWS can offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Optimized IT costs
  • Increased business agility
  • An overall competitive edge

But cloud migrations are often complex and take time, expertise, and planning to be successful. Top challenges standing in the way of businesses making the move, according to the Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report, include understanding the IT dependencies involved (63%), assessing on-prem vs. cloud costs (41%), and even determining if it’s feasible for their IT systems to migrate (47%).

But even if migration seems like a formidable task, it doesn’t have to be overwhelm internal teams or slow down other business initiatives when pair with the right IT partner – especially one with experience not only migrating companies to the AWS cloud platform, but providing ongoing support and implementation of AWS tools and services.

Take an insider’s look at how two companies overcome various challenges and pain points during migration with Ntirety guiding them through a smooth digital transition with AWS to become future-ready enterprises.

Engineering Firm Optimizes IT Costs Migrating e-Commerce Site to AWS

For over 50 years, engineering firm K&N has been a leader in automotive industry, offering products to increase performance and longevity in vehicle applications worldwide. Although serving a global market, K&N had been storing their severs in a closet before Ntirety helped them make the switch from internal servers to a local data-center. This move would be the first leg of the engineering firm’s digital transformation.

From the success of that initial transition, K&N decided to optimize further by moving their e-commerce site’s development environment over to AWS. By offloading this specific workload into the cloud, Ntirety helped the firm ensure that continued development of their public-facing e-commerce site would be able to scale without forcing costly data center expansions.

The smooth transition to AWS demonstrated to K&N that Ntirety possessed not only extensive expertise in cloud migrations, but specifically with AWS. The firm engaged Ntirety to take over the monitoring, DevOps, security, and management of the e-commerce site’s AWS environment. Keeping Ntirety as an extension of their internal IT team allowed K&N to focus on desired business goals, rather than trying to keep up with their new AWS instance.

Migrating a specific portion of K&N’s business IT to the cloud proved to help make their budget go further while simultaneously optimizing it. Overall, K&N found a better pricing model in this hybrid approach, as well as greater peace of mind knowing they had an expert partner fully managing their AWS environment.

Financial Services Firm Migrates to Scalable AWS Environment to Support Expansion

While rapid growth is often viewed as a good thing for businesses, quickly outgrowing IT applications and infrastructure puts a strain on resources, bandwidth, budget, and the ability to continue positive growth – as was the case for one financial firm.

Originally, this financial firm’s application was designed to run on dedicated servers but then moved to streaming. The move caused sprawling infrastructure and spiraling costs, as well as inconsistencies in deployment, configuration, and security policies. The firm turned to Ntirety to help migrate their application to a cloud environment that could scale to manage their business growth and better service their customers.

Scalable and security-focused, Ntirety designed the new environment for the application entirely as code using AWS Cloud Formation. This implemented design allowed the financial services firm to easily add customers on the fly in a matter of minutes versus the 40-plus hours it took to manually add a customer when the application was in the SaaS environment.

Together with Ntirety, the firm successfully moved their production workload over to the AWS model and began offering the platform to new customers. With plans to continue expanding globally, the AWS environment provided the flexible, scalable architecture the firm needed to support ongoing new growth.

Find Your Answers to When and How

From SMB to enterprise, IT professionals now “view cloud [migration] as inevitable,” Gartner reported in 2019. “The focus is now on how to do it well versus on whether to do it at all.”

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Ntirety is equipped to do just that for clients. With a proven track record of helping organization across industries plan, migrate, and optimize their business IT with AWS, Ntirety offers a portfolio of cloud migration services designed to meet every business’s needs. Whether moving everything or designing a hybrid solution, companies can find a true IT partner with Ntirety.

Ready to start your digital transformation? Start with a consultation and cloud migration assessment with one of Ntirety’s trusted cloud experts today.