CES 2018 Shows Off With AI and IoT

Coming out of Las Vegas, CES, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show, attracted some 250,000 technology aficionados this year to a fleeting tech oasis amidst the southwestern desert. Tech innovation was once again on display, giving consumers the thrill of emerging technical achievements and a taste of what they might be able to purchase in the year ahead. With such a massive multi-day event, the variety and novelty of technologies can easily distract the casual observer from finding an overarching theme, but make no mistake, this event was all about the Internet of Things, IoT, everywhere.

Interconnected, Merging Technologies

Interconnected devices, artificial intelligence and futuristic applications had a strong presence in gadgets and products found throughout the event. Many of these technologies are made possible, made intelligent, and made practical through AI and IoT connectivity. In nearly all corners of the show, you could find automation, robotics, and everyday intelligent devices that behind the scenes, connect to the web and utilizes advanced computing technologies. Integration could be found in the unison of online ecosystems, in everyday objects, and it could also be found in surprising new ways.

For example, Kohler surprised many with a voice-lighted mirror that connects to the Amazon Echo platform. The company also inspired with a smartphone application that can control smart toilets, adjust lighting, and operate faucets.

There’s always something for everyone at CES, but among the other technologies that impressed:

· An 8,000 pound, 15-foot-tall mech robot that greeted visitors

· LG’s 8K 33-million-pixel television technology and flexible screens

· A multi-sensor self-driving luggage – (Although it’s hard to imagine what happens when such a bag gets handled or mishandled)

· Advanced one-wheel hoverboard transportation

· An electric SUV equipped with a 49 x 9.8-inch digital console, Alexa, and biometric identification

Samsung is one of the stars at the event each year, and this time around, they delivered more of their artificial intelligence system, known as Bixby, on a range of devices. They also showed off an incredible wall-size television system, smarter refrigerators and appliances that can recognize members within a family, and a forthcoming autonomous driving platform.

Samsung’s Compliance Achievement

With all this data moving about with a focus on integration, it isn’t hard to imagine that there is a heightened sense of urgency in protecting information from the IoT network and at the core of what makes these innovations tick. Information leaks, data breaches, and intrusive hacks are a real threat that have made big headlines. Consumer data is a massive responsibility that some industry leaders are taking quite seriously.

Ntirety is proud to announce that one of its valued clients, Samsung, has become the first smart TV manufacturer in the industry to be certified for enhanced security, an announcement Samsung made to kick off CES. Samsung’s Smart TV solution, which is hosted on the global Ntirety platform in the U.S., Germany, and South Korea, is the first in the industry to receive the Common Criteria (CC) certification for three consecutive years. Its Checkout payment service is also certified by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Join us in congratulating Samsung on this momentous achievement.