Behind the Scenes of the Merging and Rebranding of Ntirety

Leading up to the announcement of our rebrand on September 10ththere was a great effort at Ntirety to merge two great companies together and create something that the industry has never seen. After nine months of grueling focus and hard work, I’d like to offer you a peek behind the scenes on what it took to get here.  

What’s In a Name?

The power of a name and its value has long been immortalized in every facet of society. Quite often, the first piece of information we hear about a person or company is their name, and people are quick to form judgements based off a monikerThat’s why it was important for us to pick a name our people could get behind and that we were comfortable letting current and potential customers hear first.  

Ntirety was a carefully chosen name; it evokes the fact that we strive to deliver the entirety of business solutions for our customers. Moving forward as Ntirety, we are the only Managed Solutions Provider (MSP) that contractually guarantees business. This is achieved via our proprietary Guidance Level Agreements (GLAs), which proactively reduce risks and optimize costs through a process of continuous improvements 

Each of our customers is somewhere on their journey to a cloud state, integrating a mix of services, platforms and infrastructure. Every client enters the picture with a line-of-business (LOB) mission-critical need, and every environment is specialized and uniqueAt Ntirety, we helps our clients develop their ultimate operational state by producing actionable, continually improved objectives. Focused on improving reliability, minimizing risk, and enhancing security, these advisory tasks help refine and update the organization’s cloud and technology strategies. Further, we provide a range of infrastructure options combined with both professional and managed services to offer a complete, comprehensive solution. Ntirety transforms IT, enabling a future-ready, agile enterprise. Trusted. Proactive. Guaranteed.  

Merging Competitors Forge a New Bond

Before the merger, both Hostway and Hosting independently delivered outstanding hybrid cloud solutions to enterprise organizations. We both had customer-obsessed cultures, with enterprises relying on us to manage the “entirety” of their cloud environments. Sure, we were competitorsbut we were kindred competitors that fostered a healthy balance of rivalry and respect.  

Prior to the official announcement of the merger, a great deal of work had already begun. The ink on the deal hadn’t even dried before we knew where our attention should be focused nextA few of the high-level tasks included: 

  • Choosing the Senior Leadership team so there was no jockeying
  • Outlining integration goals at offsite meetings before the announcement
  • Forming Culture, Back Office Integration, and Software Consolidation Teams, plus a Data Center Integration Task Force and an HR Tools Consolidation Working Group; each team would provide a high-level weekly progress report with one team offering a deeper dive into their work each week
  • Fully defining our mission with the help of leaders and employees
  • Determining our values via input from our “Culture Crews”
  • Providing frequent updates to our customers in blogs and newsletters:
  • Establishing this new brand and new culture within our own company

We went public with these changes on September 10th, 2019—nine months time almost to the day! It was an epic forging of two cultures into one, aided by holistic outstrategydetailed plan, excellence in execution, the best team in the business, and of course a maniacal focus on our customers 

United as Ntirety

Now that we’re united under the Ntirety brand, we look forward to delivering the strongest end-to-end managed multi-cloud and hybrid services with an uncompromising commitment to guaranteed business results and high-touch customer service. More than 3,200 clients and channel partners around the world count on the Ntirety team of over 1,000 employees. Let us know how we can help you, too.