A Thanksgiving Message of Gratitude

As 2019 comes to a close, I want to take a special moment to say thank you to our loyal clients, supportive partners, and all of the Ntirety employees around the world. While the Thanksgiving holiday is officially celebrated primarily in North America, I believe the universal message of genuine gratitude really transcends boundaries, countries, and time zones.

Let us take this wonderful opportunity to look back at the year and give thanks for all of the blessings given to us.

The Support of Our Clients and Partners

I am deeply grateful for our clients and partners, old and new. From Hostway, Hosting, and now Ntirety, our entire company appreciates the patience and faith our clients showed during the merger and rebrand—nothing would be possible without the loyalty and support of all of you. My hope is that our gratitude is made evident through our deepened commitment to customer service and the delivery of comprehensive, future-ready solutions.

Successfully Transforming into Ntirety

I am extraordinarily thankful that we completed the merger of Hostway and Hosting successfully and unveiled our exciting rebrand as Ntirety. By proactively tackling the challenges of a major merger, we accomplished it in an incredible nine-month timeframe. It has been so amazing to see all of us come together as one united team through the merger and rebrand.

Growing Stronger and Expanding

2019 has been a year of growth as we brought many valuable clients to the Ntirety family and look forward to welcoming many more in the upcoming year. Further, we’ve experienced strong employee growth. Every month I continue to see many new faces joining our team, working alongside our dedicated Ntirety veterans. The business is stronger thanks to the hard work and intense collaboration from multiple stakeholders.

Reflecting on 2019 and Looking Ahead at 2020

As expected with any major merger, we have experienced growing pains in 2019. But no year is ever without them. We look forward to all of us working to be better employees, husbands, wives, parents, partners, and human beings, striving to make our distinct mark on this world.

For those team members in the US, please enjoy your family and friends this Thanksgiving, and I equally thank everyone for all your hard work whether you are in any of our locations in Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Korea, or the USA.

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving,

Emil Sayegh, CEO and President, Ntirety