A Thanksgiving Message from Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh

A Thanksgiving Message from Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US, even if it is not like prior years, I want to extend my thanks to all our clients, partners, and the Ntirety team around the world. While the Thanksgiving holiday is officially celebrated in North America, I believe the universal message of thanks and gratitude transcends cultures, especially in these pandemic circumstances. My deepest appreciation goes out to our employees, customers, and partners especially after a turbulent and trying year. Despite all the turmoil surrounding us, we made momentous strides forward by working together for better outcomes for our customers.

Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting on what has passed and being thankful for customers, partners, colleagues, friends, and family – even if we cannot be with all of them this year. It is also a time for planning for next year. We have great plans for the year ahead and to that I am very thankful as well!

For all our clients, partners, and team members in the US, we hope you get to enjoy your family and friends this Thanksgiving even if you can’t be with all of them physically. For those that are working this weekend, like healthcare workers and essential workers on the Ntirety team, I want to say THANK YOU! I am so grateful to see what we have been able to achieve together this year, and looking forward with optimism to a prosperous 2021.

Thank you,
Emil Sayegh
Ntirety CEO & President