A Happy Labor Day Message from Ntirety CEO

A Happy Labor Day Message from Ntirety CEO

I hope every one of our clients, partners, and team members had a safe and happy holiday weekend.

I encourage we all pause for a moment to be grateful and reflect on what our labor and hard work mean to Ntirety, clients, and partners this past year. This summer, some of us have had a chance to get away from work, away from video conferences, away from the news, and spend meaningful time with our extended families and friends for the first time in a year. Let’s be thankful for all that has gone right for our teams and our community in the past year.

I personally reflected this past Labor Day on the tremendous progress we have all made as a company and a Compliant Security partner in one year. To me, it was a day where I get to express my sincere gratitude for each of our team members’ very hard work that got us where we are and the growth and transformation throughout the company. That brings warmth to my heart.

So Labor Day and beyond, let’s give thanks, let’s be grateful for what we’ve got and where we are going together – teams, clients, partners, and community.

Emil Sayegh
Ntirety CEO