6 Must-See Sessions at CloudEXPO 2018 in New York City

From November 12-13, 2018, Ntirety will be attending CloudEXPO in New York City, where tech leaders can gather to learn about current cloud trends, engage in insightful discussions around cloud strategies, and ensure that their enterprises are on the right path to a successful digital transformation.

According to the CloudEXPO team, every Global 2000 enterprise in the world is trying to develop their own unique mix of cloud technologies and services, forming multi-cloud and hybrid cloud architectures and deployments across all major industries.

If your company has a similar goal and you or your colleagues plan on attending CloudEXPO, here are six great sessions we suggest checking out:

1. Notorious B.I.G Data: Wins and Fails When Building a Big Data Platform in the Cloud | Monday, November 12 • 11:00am – 11:40am

Unacast, a company specializing in location data, will dive into the ways cloud architecture and its use cases have evolved in the three short years since the company first migrated. Their first employee and VP of Engineering, Andreas Heim, will share some of the learnings from those three years by taking you through the history of Unacast from a data and engineering perspective.

Why you should attend: More than half of all big data projects don’t reach completion.1 This session will cover some of the biggest mistakes to avoid so that your company doesn’t become a statistic, too, including:

  • Non-scalable architectures
  • Systems bursting at its seams
  • Pricing that scales exponentially

Plus, you’ll learn how Unacast:

  • Processes 2 billion rows of data on a daily basis
  • Maintains full transparency in reporting and cost
  • Manages GDPR compliance across all teams
  • Optimizes deployment and developer experience

2. Continuous Delivery is Better for Your Brain | Monday, November 12 • 2–2:40 pm

Daniel Jones, CTO of EngineerBetter, leads this afternoon discussion on productivity and asks the question: Are we failing to exploit the benefits of modern technology? During his presentation, Jones will explore the concept of Continuous Delivery and how it leverages the findings of cognitive psychology and neuroscience to increase team productivity and happiness.

Why you should attend: Business agility is a top-of-mind priority for many organizations, and yet 71% of companies have a low business agility fluency.2 This session will help software teams discover:

  • How to improve willpower and decrease technical debt
  • Whether present bias real and how you can turn it to your advantage
  • How to increase a team’s effective IQ
  • How DevOps and product teams can increase empathy and measure the impact it has on productivity

3. Cloud-Native: A New Ecosystem for Putting Containers into Production | Monday, November 12 • 3:00pm – 3:40pm

The standardization of container runtimes and images has sparked the creation of an almost overwhelming number of new open source projects that build on and otherwise work with these specifications, including Istio, Jaeger, Prometheus, Grafeas, and Kritis. This presentation will cover the evolution of the cloud-native ecosystem that has been built around these containers and what that means for your organization.

Why you should attend: Making development, production, and/or transactions more efficient is a top priority for many organizations, and plenty rely on various open source tools to keep things running smoothly. This begs the question: How do open source tools fit into your cloud infrastructure? Settle into a chair at A New Ecosystem to gain insights that will help you find the answer.

4. Blockchain Power Panel | Monday, November 12 • 6:00pm – 6:40pm

Like AI, blockchain is a tech word that turns a lot of heads—and leaves others quite confused. During the CloudEXPO Blockchain Power Panel, a group of tech leaders will discuss their perspectives on the challenges presented by blockchain, roadblocks to adoption, and how organizations can avoid those issues.

Why you should attend: According to Gartner, blockchain has just passed the peak of the hype cycle curb3—and we’re still talking about it, which means that blockchain is a technology you’d be remiss in ignoring. However, is blockchain right for your organization? And if so, what does that mean for your infrastructure? With disruption and security being top of mind for many tech executives, this is a can’t-miss panel that will help shed some light on the trend.

5. CIA Triad: 3 Pillars for Securing the Internet of Things | Tuesday, November 13 • 10:00am – 10:40am

Start Day Two by learning a little lesson in IoT security with the CIA triad. No, not that CIA. We’re talking about the three pillars of IoT protection:

  • Confidentiality: For preserving authorized restrictions on access and disclosure
  • Integrity: For guarding against improper information modification or destruction and ensuring information nonrepudiation and authenticity
  • Availability: For ensuring timely and reliable access to the device and information

Why you should attend: The expansion of the IoT shows no signs of slowing down, but security is still a huge concern. As your organization moves to incorporate more IoT technologies, it’s important to understand how interconnection affects your end-users and how you can protect them. This presentation will provide an overview of the agency’s security tools, plus tips for how to implement them.

6. Economics of the Cloud: Don’t Aim for the Sky on Everything | Tuesday, November 13 • 11:00am – 11:40am

Finally, join Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh for an insightful presentation on how mastering your IT budget is all about leveraging hybrid cloud environments and carefully planning a thoughtful technology strategy. Further, Emil will dive into IoT solutions and how their rapid growth affects security challenges and other aspects of the cloud landscape.

Why you should attend: As we’ve noted time and time again, 84% of digital transformations fail,4 probably because of the increasingly complex nature of the tech landscape. A successful transformation requires organizations to carefully plan their transformations with a strategy that accounts for risk and allows for agility. Economics of the Cloud will help you start or evolve your plan by covering:

  • Which workloads are most appropriate on-prem, and which are better suited running in a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment
  • Analysis of how end-users approach various cloud offerings
  • What Google, Azure, Amazon provide that is not otherwise available
  • The agility of the cloud when coupled with tools
  • How to maneuver through regulatory and compliance challenges
  • Consolidating with security and compliance in mind

Come say hello!

In between sessions, be sure to stop by the Exhibit Hall and visit the Ntirety booth (#220). Our team would love to chat with you about the challenges your organization is facing and how evolving your infrastructure could bring about decreased spend, reduced risk, and increased business agility.

Not able to make it to CloudEXPO? Find out where Ntirety is headed next!


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Featured image courtesy of CloudEXPO.