451 Research Report: Priorities, Opportunities, and Ntirety

Discover in a recent report from 451 Research if your company is ahead of the game in the next wave of digital transformations or if it’s time to start serious planning to catch up with the competition; plus, how Ntirety is positioned to accelerate enterprises to their business goals.

Full Speed Ahead

451 Research shines a light on the top six IT initiatives and how many enterprises already have them in use and are in planning, with the top three comprised of:

  • Backup and recovery
  • Day-to-day operational monitoring of cloud infrastructure performance
  • Management of applications deployed on cloud infrastructure

Read the full report to discover how your organization’s priority list compares to the enterprise market »

Step Up Optimization

451 Research’s report also uncovers another major missed opportunity for enterprise organizations. In our latest infographic, we break down the report to highlight where enterprise organizations should focus to become truly competitive, future-ready enterprises.

Accelerate Towards Agility and Desired Business Outcomes

The more comprehensive approach needed for optimization is often outside the bandwidth of internal teams. Engaging with cloud experts allows enterprise organizations to streamline projects without wasting valuable time and resources.

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