Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh Interviewed by Cisco Cloud Unfiltered Podcast

Cisco Cloud Unfiltered Podcast
Episode air date: July 24, 2020

In a new episode of the Cisco Cloud Unfiltered Podcast, hosts Ali Amagasu and Pete Johnson interview Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh about the current state of cloud technology and where he predicts it is heading given the rapidly evolving business landscape. A leading technology-focused podcast, Cloud Unfiltered episodes feature interviews with professionals working to move cloud and IT implementation forward.

Host Ali Amagasu is an enthusiastic marketer who seeks to help the podcast listeners understand the value and implications of emerging products and solutions in the cloud and networking arenas.

A friend and former colleague from Sayegh’s time previously at Hewlett-Packard, Pete Johnson is now a Principal Architect covering Cloud and Programmability for the Global Partner Organization at Cisco Systems Inc and frequent co-host with Amagasu for the Cloud Unfiltered podcast.

Listen to the Cloud Unfiltered interview with Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh here »

“Fifteen years later, the cloud is still going strong,” Sayegh begins, sharing his perspective as one of the pioneers of cloud computing and looking at what is happening in terms of cloud technology today and what industry experts expect in the upcoming years.

Over the course of the interview, Amagasu and Johnson explore several key questions with Sayegh, drawing from his July 14, 2020 Forbes article A New Cloud Race Looms Amid The Covid-19 Industry Boom, including:

  • Will the Big 3 public providers – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, and Google – have a price war?
  • Is further industry consolidation expected?
  • Are the Big 3 currently differentiated, and if so, which elements of their offerings are unique?

Listen to the Cloud Unfiltered episode to hear Sayegh’s answers to these and many more critical cloud questions, along with his insider’s insights on the industry’s direction through the pandemic and into the economic recovery.

Listen to the episode here »