Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh Delivers Keynote at CAPRE Texas Data Center Summit

On October 2nd, Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh was proud to be a keynote speaker at CAPRE’s Sixth Annual Texas Data Center Summit in Dallas. This was one of several successful CAPRE events Emil has participated in, and his presentation was followed by several thoughtful questions from the audience and an inspiring discussion. After his speech, Emil was invited to join other industry leaders for a panel titled, Life on the Edge: The Advent of 5G, Micro Data Center & Evolution of the Next Generation. There was much gained, shared, and learned about how the future is unfolding for cloud technology today and into the future.

Emil’s How Cloud Providers are Playing with Traditional Data Centers presentation covered how cloud providers are addressing today and tomorrow’s computing needs, and how that affects the end user in each data storage environment. Key topics included:

  • Whether or not all data belongs in the cloud, and what data should go to Amazon, Azure, Google, Hybrid, or remain on-premise
  • How end-users are approaching the various cloud offerings, including public, private, and hybrid
  • What Google, Azure, Amazon offer to clients that might not be offered elsewhere
  • How cloud solutions are making the impossible a reality
  • How end-users get over regulatory and compliance challenges during migrations
  • What factors affect big-picture cloud migration decisions
  • The hybrid cloud models that are working best in production environments

Did you miss seeing Emil speak at CAPRE or want a recap of his presentation?