Happy Father’s Day! A Message from Ntirety CEO

Happy Father’s Day! A Message from Ntirety CEO

On the occasion of Father’s Day today, I would like to wish a wonderful day to all the amazing Fathers and Father figures at Ntirety and NetNation. I hope you have a memorable day with your family, fathers, grandfathers, children, and even grandchildren.

Fathers are often the first teachers and also the toughest critics who inspire us to do better. As we all pause and take the time to celebrate Father’s Day, I wish to take this opportunity to recognize all of the fathers at Ntirety and NetNation who are not only dedicated employees working hard to provide for their families, but are also dedicated fathers, shaping the minds and futures of the next generation. Please join me today in honoring and celebrating all fathers past and present who inspire us to build on their legacy of hard work, model their strength and love for family.

I sincerely hope you all enjoy this special Father’s day weekend with your loved ones, complete with wonderful memories, as I am planning to do with my family today. Make sure to not forget to reach out to your dad or other father figures in your life. If departed, make sure to say a prayer, and thanking them for shaping you for who you are.

Have a blessed Father’s day everyone.