Celebrating Ntirety’s First Anniversary

Time flies when you are working hard (and having fun!) and we are excited to celebrate our first birthday as Ntirety.

Hello, Ntirety!

In September 2019 when we officially announced the launch of Ntirety as our new name and brand as a culmination of the integration of Hostway and Hosting as one company, we could not have imagined everything that would be in store for our company. Our mission as Ntirety is to “enable business to move faster with less risk,” and thanks to the teamwork of our employees and partners, we have been able to provide premier-level services, guidance, and security for our clients through every new challenge.

“As we celebrate our first birthday as Ntirety, and amidst all the challenges that this pandemic has brought, I am very proud of our team and progress in this past year,” Ntirety’s CEO and President Emil Sayegh says. “I am pleased to welcome new customers that have trusted us with their mission critical applications even during these uncertain times. Our team has stepped up to the plate every time, helping customers manage their hybrid infrastructure needs, securely and economically.”

Greater Focus on Cybersecurity

The introduction of the new Ntirety Managed Security Services suite could not have come at a better time for clients as IT threats increased and evolved with the pandemic and the shift to a more remote workforce.

“It is refreshing to work with a group that takes our issues as seriously as we do and to go as far as we would go to get them resolved. This type of attitude and collaboration is one of the main reasons we chose Ntirety,” shares client Daxko, a software solutions provider for health & wellness facilities.

With the opening of the Ntirety security operations center, our clients gained greater peace of mind in the fast-changing business landscape. Our team of security experts proactively identify, investigate, and mitigate many types of mission-critical threats before they become serious problems, including:

  • Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability Detection
  • Information Disclosure Vulnerability Detection
  • Authentication Failure Alerts

“The client’s journey has and always will be the focus of Ntirety. Enabling their business goals while reducing risk – that’s maturing their security program holistically,” shares Ntirety Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Chris Riley. “Our clients immediately benefit from a security-hardened, fully monitored and managed environment for their enterprise.”

Rapid Expansion

Along with reducing cybersecurity risks for clients with the new Ntirety Managed Security Services, we experienced a lot of positive growth despite the Covid-19 pandemic. This year we welcomed new clients from across industries, including healthcare, education, and manufacturing, as well as strengthened our existing relationships.

“We interviewed various companies while searching for a partner. We felt a strong connection with the team at Ntirety and we felt confident in their ability to help us,” shares Tabatha Newman, Management Analyst at Olympia Orthopedic Associates.

We expanded our network of partners, working closely with channel partners to bring Ntirety’s new Managed Security Services to the organizations in need, along with our high-availability managed cloud services, cloud migrations, database services, and more.

“Ntirety has proven to be a leader in the managed cloud services and cybersecurity space for enterprises,” Philbert Shih, Managing Director of Structure Research, explains. “As they expand their portfolio of innovative products and services Ntirety also continues to focus on delivering proactive customer service and guidance, dedicated to pushing businesses and the industry forward.“

Life at Ntirety Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Along with welcoming new clients and building on our partnerships, we have been fortunate to add 60 new highly skilled members to the Ntirety team. Thanks to the growing team, we were able to support all of our clients and partners throughout this pandemic helping each one of them with their IT and security challenges.

“In the IT industry, we believe it’s the people that make a company truly stand above the rest, and our amazing team is one of our greatest assets here at Ntirety,” shares Natasha Gordon, Vice President of Human Resources. “We have been fortunate to have so many exceptional employees join Ntirety, and even if it’s been a bit unconventional with social distancing, it has been wonderful to watch our team grow.”

As the company continues to welcome new clients and expand services, we always looking for talented individuals to join our team – see our Careers page for current job listings, which are updated daily.

We are thankful for the immense support and loyalty our clients and partners have shown us not just this past year, but from our legacy days as Hostway and Hosting as well. We will always to strive to deliver the entirety of secure, managed IT and cloud solutions for our clients today and in the future.