Are Your IT Tools Hindering Your Productivity?

IT tools are intended to make life easier, more efficient and productive. But often these tools contribute to a lack of focus and challenge an IT department’s ability to inform and empower the business groups they serve. Following are four ways that an organization’s tools may be hindering productivity.

Too Complex – Sometimes IT tools have too many bells and whistles. While it may be powerful and capable, if your organization can’t dedicate resources to the installation, configuration and maintenance of a tool, then maybe it’s time to scale back or choose something less complex.

Too Many IT Tools – Often an organization has many IT tools that perform the same function. Not only is this an unnecessary expense but there is often little or no correlation between tools which creates silos of data. This make root cause analysis difficult and time consuming.

The Hybrid Issue – When an organization takes advantages of various platforms, they also get the platform-specific tools. The downside is that there is a lack of view into what’s happening across environments due to multiple portals, logins, etc.

The Cloud – Similar to the issues that go along with hybrid environments, the use of cloud IT creates another level of complexity and raises challenges in visibility when different parts of applications reside in different locations (e.g., part of the application sits in a hyper-scale cloud and part in a private cloud).

If any of these challenges sound familiar, HOSTING may have a solution that streamlines your toolset while delivering actionable information from your entire IT stack across multiple platforms – all within a single pane of glass. HOSTING Monitoring Insights delivers a scalable monitoring solution that enables forecasting and optimizes costs using a fraction of the tools most organizations are juggling. A recent customer is on track to reduce the number of monitoring tools needed by 75%. To see how you can streamline your organization and align your business and IT objectives, check out the webinar KPIs: Aligning Your IT and Business Objectives.