Supply Chain Firm Makes IT Transformation to AWS with Ntirety

SCM Makes IT Transformation to AWS Through Ntirety’s Continued Guidance and Support

Quickly becoming an industry leader, this supply chain and parts management company (AKA SCM) improved the parts supply-chain for a consistent and accurate flow of parts so shops can get customers back on the road.  This business sought to provide marketing, support, and safety certification training to collision repair shops and automotive parts suppliers. 

As technology in the supply-chain industry advanced and supply chain issues became problematic, the SCM IT team concluded that they had to make a digital transformation to maintain their forefront position supporting retailers and customers. It was time to leave their traditional VMware instance behind and move to AWS to enhance their overall application functionality and scalability. 

Through multiple assessments and collaborations, the SCM team successfully made the transition to AWS with Ntirety’s guidance – but the transformation didn’t end there. Along with managing and maintaining their IT environment through multiple AWS services, they saw continuous improvement through Ntirety’s Guidance Level Agreement (GLA). A step beyond the traditional Service Level Agreement (SLA), the industry-first GLA committed Ntirety to provide actionable recommendations based on their experience and the parts management company’s specific IT stack.  

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