Supply Chain Management Firm Makes IT Transformation

Quickly becoming an industry leader, this supply chain and Parts Management Company (AKA PCM) improved the parts supply-chain for a consistent and accurate flow of parts so shops can get customers back on the road.  This business sought to provide marketing, support, and safety certification training to collision repair shops and automotive parts suppliers.  

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As technology in the supply-chain industry advanced and supply chain issues became problematic, the PCM IT team concluded that they had to make a digital transformation to maintain their forefront position supporting retailers and customers. The VP of Information Technology for the business looked to improve their IT agility and knew that automation, scalability, and stronger security were all key factors to achieve their goals – and Amazon Web Servers (AWS) could check all those boxes. 

It was time to leave their traditional VMware instance behind and move to AWS to enhance their overall application functionality and scalability.  

However, even though AWS held the potential for greater scalability, efficiency and further IT optimization, the PCM team was unfamiliar with the technology and knew they could easily “get it wrong” if they did not deploy correctly.  

They needed a partner that could guide them forward, ensure a platform that would support them into the future, and take over as much of the day-to-day care as possible. Luckily for them, they already knew just who to look to for help – their managed IT service partner of over 7 years (and officially recognized AWS Partner) Ntirety.  


Starting with an in-depth Database Readiness Assessment, Ntirety was able to price out various options for the parts management business, taking into consideration what would perform the best for their environment. The company was able to clearly understand the anticipated cost of the transition upfront, including outlining the hidden costs often overlooked. From there, Ntirety performed a Cloud Readiness Assessment to visually design the environment before diving into deployment. 

Happy with the results of both assessments, the business moved next to an automation engagement, ready for Ntirety to design and deploy a fully automated application stack and make the transformation from VMware to AWS.  

Overall, Ntirety continued to manage and maintain their applications with:  

  • AWS Automation 
  • AWS Cloud OPS, 
  • AWS Managed DB 
  • Managed Security Services 

This comprehensive set of solutions not only transformed the company’s technology, but also granted their internal teams more bandwidth and opportunities to focus on business objectives. 


Through multiple assessments and collaborations, the PCM team successfully made the transition to AWS with Ntirety’s guidance – but the transformation didn’t end there. Along with managing and maintaining their IT environment through multiple AWS services, they saw continuous improvement through Ntirety’s Guidance Level Agreement (GLA).  

A step beyond the traditional Service Level Agreement (SLA), the industry-first GLA committed Ntirety to provide actionable recommendations based on their experience and the parts management company’s specific IT stack. With a weekly cadence of calls, the company saw multiple benefits:  

  • Cost: Based on reviews and analytics, Ntirety recommended rightsizing the business’s environment, which cut down infrastructure costs and allowed them to reinvest the funds. 
  • Security: Ntirety proactively monitored, recommended, and implemented mission-critical patching and backups – tasks that are often not prioritized by other Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and can leave companies vulnerable to preventable attacks.    

From assessments to optimization, the parts management company received continuous guidance from a partner that they could trust not only from their long-term relationship but from Ntirety’s expertise as an official AWS Partner as well.