The emphasis on cloud and as-a-service platforms is rapidly changing the role of database administrators (DBAs) and how an organization interacts with them. An increased reliance on data analysis, warehousing, and collection is taking place throughout all industries. Because of this, the modern database administrator is more critical to operational success than ever before but they are becoming harder to find. The demand for DBAs with advanced skills has sharply increased and the courting by data heavy organizations with deep pockets is leaving many organizations in a lurch.

The Case of the Vanishing DBA

Why are database administrators swiftly disappearing at a time when data is more important than ever? One reason may be that rather than going into the general field of database administration, many professionals are instead focusing on advanced technologies such as cloud services, statistical analysis, and virtualization. In a recent report from Glassdoor, ‘data scientist’ was listed as the number one best job for 2016. This shift from data administration to data analytics has created a vacuum for organizations who need expertise in database management and maintenance.

The Current Role of the DBA

The role of a database administrator has never been simple, but it has remained relatively static for many years. A DBA is usually hired to work with systems to maintain the integrity of the data as well as onboard and upgrade existing systems. The reality is that the DBA ends up spending most of their days, and sometime nights, putting out fires and on routine tasks such as, database backups, uptime monitoring, data sanitization, and support.  This does not leave much time to spend on strategic initiatives especially for the more junior DBA, if you can find one. Technology changes have also been difficult to keep up with based on the current workload of the DBA. Often DBAs are finding themselves working incredibly long hours on stressful tasks.

The Shift Towards Remote DBA

A shortfall of qualified database professionals combined with the demand for more experienced DBAs means that it can be cost-prohibitive for organizations to maintain an on-premise database administrative staff. As new technologies continue to evolve and change the role of the DBA, many enterprises have been able to increase profits and reduce IT expenditures through remote DBA services.

The increased reliance on data for business operations requires that a database administrator focus on the upgrade and improvement of systems rather than time-consuming maintenance and problems. Remote DBA services ensure that operations run smoothly and free up your organization’s in-house IT talent to spend time on projects that will positively impact profitability and increase job satisfaction.

Easing the Burden of Database Administration

Ntirety, a division of HOSTING, provides remote database services to ease the burden of administration and maintenance on already overworked IT departments. Ntirety works with your IT department to better support and service your end users and to meet your organizational needs, including a wealth of best-in-class DBA services. From cost-effective remote DBA services to data consulting and DBA on-demand, Ntirety partners with Oracle, Microsoft and VMWare, as well as many other best-in-class technologies, and can support your organization’s database requirements so that your in-house staff can focus on mission-critical initiatives.  See our resource center for more information on how we can help with Database Administration.