Consistent Protection for Your Systems and Data

Ntirety Managed Patching

Patching is an important part of keeping systems and applications in business infrastructure safe from vulnerabilities left open when operating systems are not kept up-to-date. With Ntirety’s Managed Patching solution, our expert engineers handle your organization’s critical updates so that your IT team is freed up to focus on core competencies and value creation.

Why Choose Ntirety Managed Patching?


Proven Expertise

With over 20 years of experience, Ntirety’s team of experts execute routine, fully-automated patching for over 10,000 devices and provide a 98% patch-level compliance guarantee.

Greater Control

Gives greater visibility into patch compliance with flexible, real-time monitoring and reporting.

Trusted Automation

Provides automated patch management to hundreds of thousands of endpoints for multiple operating systems and applications, regardless of location, connection type, or status.

Security and Support

Proactively reduces security risks by streamlining remediation cycles from weeks to hours.

Enhanced Tools

More reliable and robust patching management tools give Select Patching customers control over their devices' patching schedules with the ability to easily exclude specific devices from future patching.

Guidance Level Agreements™

Ntirety takes the usual SLA a giant leap forward with the industry's first and only Guidance Level Agreements, offering actionable recommendations that enable better business outcomes.