Virtual and Hybrid Event Technology Company Secures Their Platform with AWS Through Ntirety’s Comprehensive Security Solution


This event technology company provides customers with best-in- class virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. They are in the business of creating meaningful connections through technology that enables and delivers experiences that people will remember long after their last session. The company aims to create technology that adapts to the goals of a customer’s meeting rather than giving them technology that they must adapt themselves around.

Their objective is to deliver a conferencing and meeting platform that’s easy to use on the front and back end with an “experience beyond your expectation.” This event platform helps to maximize a customer’s data by providing them with measurements for engagement, tracking attendance, retrieving leads, and more. In order to continue providing an incredible experience for all their customers, they turned to Ntirety and AWS to ensure the platform’s optimal efficiency continued.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) had chosen this company as their technology platform for virtual sessions for AWS re:Invent 2021. Prior to moving forward, AWS needed to perform a security check and audit. The event platform had to improve their automation to handle hundreds of sessions and they didn’t have the technical expertise in-house to improve upon the robustness of their solution. Additionally, they needed to task an outside party with these skills to audit and update their platform.


This event technology platform called upon Ntirety for its security and managed services expertise. They asked Ntirety for a new environment that could be easily replicated by using Infrastructure as Code for various events and that these would be isolated from each other. The Solution was completely re- architected with a focus on security best practices, scalability, repeatability, and resilience. The Ntirety Solution Architect team designed the architecture using a virtual Palo Alto
layer in a dedicated security Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), that connected to the application and shared service VPC’s via Transit Gateway in a hub-and-spoke model.

Ntirety was able to leverage the native AWS service CloudFormation to create the networking, application, and database layers in a descriptive and repeatable manner via CloudFormation. Thanks to the installation of CloudFormation templates and layers, all traffic that traveled through any of the event technology company platform’s environments could easily be inspected. All they would need to do is take the templates and run them through the CloudFormation console each time. They could also easily use them for testing to bring up and tear down full environments whenever they wanted at a low cost.

Ntirety provided the event technology company with:

  • Virtual firewalls were used in front of application Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)
  • CloudFormation was used for rapid deployment using AWS DevOps services and Lambda
  • Application VPCs were designed to handle burst load based on event participation and durability with distribution across Availability Zones using Relational Database Service (RDS) with read replicas


With Ntirety’s comprehensive, scalable, security solution, the event platform’s infrastructure was able to handle the load for all the virtual sessions of AWS re:Invent 2021, which attracted as many as 60,000 attendees. This helped AWS to deliver a successful event. The event platform company was able to move forward with confidence that their technology platform was fully protected and able to scale to meet any customer’s needs. CloudFormation templates are going to be used moving forward to stand-up individual client production environments and events to ensure that this technology platform will continue to provide best-in-class events.

Managing security and compliance is a strategic, economic imperative that directly impacts business outcomes. Ntirety is the only company that embeds compliant security throughout IT and company culture, protecting enterprises with a comprehensive compliant security solution. With over 20 years of experience and deep security expertise, Ntirety’s security operations centers (SOCs) simplify risk management programs with a full protection, recovery and assurance suite of services. Learn more about Ntirety’s award-winning and globally-trusted Compliant Security Solutions at
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