Press Release – Hostway Introduces Cloud Connect Connectivity Platform to Secure Public Cloud for Dedicated Hosting Customers

AUSTIN, TX – February 21, 2018 – Hostway, the leading managed cloud hosting provider and specialist in compliant multi-cloud hosting solutions, announced today the availability of Hostway Cloud Connect, a new service enabling direct and seamless connectivity for hybrid workloads running concurrently in Hostway data centers and Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Hostway Cloud Connect creates secure, dedicated network connectivity for customers, enabling faster, predictable performance, and cost savings from high egress bandwidth charges. Hostway Cloud Connect can also be used for creating a dedicated link between a customer’s existing data center and a Hostway data center for an expansion network to set up a back-up or disaster recovery site.

Hostway has built a global reputation for providing customized managed hosting solutions to organizations such as Samsung, Fox News, Nasdaq, SalesForce and WIX, delivering specialized hosting for mission-critical workloads. Hostway Cloud Connect delivers secure connectivity for specialized multi-cloud hosting solutions that include a mix of public and private environments.


Key Features of Cloud Connect

  • Better, Predictable Performance – The amount of global traffic crossing the internet and IP WAN networks is projected to reach 3 ZB per year by 2021. Rather than traversing over several shared links, Cloud Connect enables a shorter point to point link, minimizing the number of internet hops. Cloud Connect is offered in a choice of flexible performance tiers from 50 megabit per second to 10 gigabit per second.
  • Better Security – 30 percent of reported breaches in 2016 involved attacks on web/cloud applications. Customers can establish a virtual private link, isolating traffic between a customer’s Hostway dedicated or private cloud network and public cloud resources, including the connection to multiple VLANs.
  • Lower Costs – With Cloud Connect, outbound bandwidth costs from AWS, Azure, and any other public provider, are dramatically reduced, saving a customer up to 70%. The lower flat cost for traffic allows for more accurate budgeting.

“We are seeing an accelerating trend where mission-critical software applications are using multiple cloud platforms along with dedicated private clouds in their cloud journey. Cloud Connect enables more efficient and secure coordination of workloads between Hostway and public cloud environments,” explained Marc Padovani, Hostway’s Product Management Leader. “Cloud Connect is one of many hybrid and multi-cloud solutions that we offer our customers to ease their planning, deployment, and management of complex and critical hybrid solutions.”

About Hostway Services

Hostway Services, Inc. is the world’s most trusted managed compliant hosting provider, delivering managed cloud infrastructure and application hosting solutions for software companies including healthcare, SaaS and e-commerce focused organizations. Its team of engineers in North America, Europe, and Asia deliver reliable, secure and scalable private cloud, managed cloud and hybrid cloud hosting solutions to thousands of customers across ten geographically diverse SSAE 16 and ISO 27001 data centers around the world while ensuring strict compliance such as PCI and HIPAA. Visit for more information.


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