Press Release – Avidian Hosts Mission-critical Software on Hostway’s Hybrid Cloud Platform

Avidian Hosts Mission-critical Software on Hostway’s Hybrid Cloud Platform

Hostway’s hybrid cloud ensures compliant, secure, scalable hosting


AUSTIN, TX., November 16, 2017 – Hostway, a leading managed cloud hosting provider and specialist in compliant hybrid cloud hosting solutions, has been selected by Avidian Technologies, a CRM software provider, to host their mission-critical SaaS application. Avidian empowers its clients by managing detailed information of current and potential customers – from email addresses to favorite restaurants to future buying potential, providing the critical functionality to maintain and grow a business.

Avidian provides one of the top CRM software tools on the market. Over 15,000 companies worldwide currently use Avidian’s CRM SaaS solution, Prophet, a multi-tier application with numerous web servers and multiple SQL servers in a disaster recovery configuration for failover. It also includes domain controllers, powerful machines for rapid reporting requiring powerful private cloud hosting infrastructure to scale.

“Hostway helps us consolidate computing and storage resources and is always reliable. We never have to worry about an issue or a disaster due to the robust failover solution and database backups they offer,” said Doru Rotovei, Avidian’s VP of software development. “Additionally, working with Hostway lowers the total cost of ownership of our infrastructure and increases operational efficiency. The fast response times, high technical expertise, and exemplary problem-solving attitude of the Hostway staff are unparalleled in the industry.”

“Our mission is to enable customers to concentrate on their core businesses, rather than on IT infrastructure issues. From the moment customers contact us, we work to thoroughly understand their unique needs and then architect the most reliable and cost-effective solution that leverages our broad hybrid portfolio of public and private cloud,” said Emil Sayegh, CEO and president of Hostway. “Avidian hosts its software with Hostway knowing we are the best at anticipating and quickly responding to changing regulatory requirements and escalating security threats so that the company and its clients are always compliant and their data is uncompromised.”
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About Avidian
Avidian, headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, is a CRM software development company. Founded in 2002, Avidian’s Prophet software product has over 15,000 users globally. For more information, visit